A Scene at the Sea

A Scene at the Sea

When deaf garbage man Shigeru (Kurôdo Maki) finds a broken surfboard on one of his runs, it piques his curiosity, even though he has no experience with surfing. So he repairs the board and, with loyal girlfriend Takako (Hiroko Oshima), who also is deaf, he sets out to learn how to ride the waves. He goes through mishaps and the locals mock him. But, with the help of a shop owner who once was a surfing legend, Shigeru may finally have a chance to become one with the sea and the surfing community.

The lives of a young, hearing-impaired and gloomy couple are fulfilled after the boy holds interest in surfboarding. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eduardo T (ca) wrote: I don't really know what to say about this one. Many people don't even talk about it because of what it's about. For this one I don't want to talk about subject matter at all just what makes a film. This was filmed as a documentary. What we see on screen isn't real they are actors but it sure seems real. I'm not much of a fan of the shaky camera but this film incorporated it well. The acting was superb. It felt as if they weren't even actors. The direction could have been better. The timing was a little of for the most part. The production values where by far the best part of the film. Overall this was a good view at a controversial topic.

Feather S (us) wrote: another one of those films that only I liked. I thought it was too funny.

Michael S (nl) wrote: As a Power Ranger fan it saddens me to say how horrible this movie was. Apparently there is lots of filmed footage that was cut from the movie. From what I gather, what they cut from the movie would have made the story better. To bad the director and producers can't go back in time and make better decisions.

Weaam M (ag) wrote: I love this guy Jim Jarmusch, highly recommended without much words

Douglas H (nl) wrote: At times tender, but unceasingly spirited, this film really makes you think. Bronson's heartfelt performance is stunning.

Aidan H (kr) wrote: By the man who made the Pistols look boring, a movie that redefines all parameters of the word 'shite'. From the opening credits to the end this is one excrutiating plod although, to be fair, there are some nice touches but they are best left on MTV where the director cut his teeth. Never should have been made, this is a nepotistic, ego-driven mess with 'jobs for the boys' written all over it. Patsy Kensit had me in stitches - but not in a good way and David Bowie adds to his impressive collection of bad movie roles. Well, even he couldn't ruin this one more than it was already. Pants with a belt and braces. Half a star for me for sitting through it.