A Sentimental Capitalism

A Sentimental Capitalism

A Sentimental Capitalism is a tragicomic tale on the extension of economic logic to art and love. The film chronicles the apprenticeship of Fernande Bouvier, a naive country girl, who, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon S (es) wrote: An ultra low budget sci-fi movie that takes place on a space station. Surprisingly, the story is pretty good. I was surprised because at first I thought it was going to be a Resident Evil ripoff, but gradually I realized that only more superficial elements had been lifted from Resident Evil, not the main story.The first 10 or 15 minutes of the movies follows a naked woman who has amnesia as she explores the space station she woke up in. Sound familiar? This character was obviously inspired by Alice from Resident Evil. Her body is pretty good but in the face she looks like a British soccer mom. Im not complaining, she looked pretty good, but every time I looked at her face I wanted to laugh. She looks like the kind of actress who would be in a movie like Fargo, not playing an Alice type bad ass.There are "bioweapons" on the station. The crew has been infected with nanobots that have transformed them in some frightening way. These "undead" crewmen are not like the mindless creatures of most zombie movies, at least not all of them. Some of the undead are able to speak clearly.The special effects in this movie are really terrible. There were creatures running around that I will call runners. The CGI was so bad I couldnt tell what the runners were suppose to be. My first impression was they look like cyborg dinosaurs. They were probably inspired by the lickers from Resident Evil. The runners look like a cross between a licker, a velociraptor, and a robot.The acting ranges from alright to terrible. I dont want to go into the story, but suffice to say the future of the Earth is at stake. The whole movie takes place on this orbiting space station where the automatic sliding doors look like something off the Satelite of Love or Peewee's Playhouse. During some of the bloodier scenes a special effect is used that kind of, sort of, makes it looks like there is blood on the screen. It looks like a free effect that would be on Window's Movie Maker.I found out that in Germany this movie was released on DVD under a title that translates as "Blade Runner 2: The Decision." Doesnt that piss you off? That makes me want to slap someone in the face. Anyways I kind of liked the movie.

John M (us) wrote: Great film! Allen was great, but faked the clarinet poorly in places.

jwasu r (br) wrote: Worth it to me for the bullet extraction scene and the sewer tunnel chase.

Ennis Brokeback L (ag) wrote: A low budget cheese fest staring Michael Moriarty, David Caradine, and Richard Roundtree. Michael Moriarty steals the show but it is nothing but a great time seeing these three actors work together.

Lloyd C (ag) wrote: Some entertaining gore scenes kept me from falling asleep and I did enjoy watching it but in no way is this a good film. If you like the title than you're like me and will probably be entertained.