A Separation

A Separation

A married couple are faced with a difficult decision - to improve the life of their child by moving to another country or to stay in Iran and look after a deteriorating parent who has Alzheimer's disease.

A married couple are faced with a difficult decision - to improve the life of their child by moving to another country or to stay in Iran and look after a deteriorating parent who has Alzheimer's disease. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Holly Y (jp) wrote: I'm afraid the third act did not make up for the slow and messy plot that proceeded it. There were lots of elements that could have been quirky or dark comedy instead it never really commits to any of these and the interesting redemption plot line is lost in the difficult romance. Edinburgh looks beautiful but it does fall in to the 'Richard Curtis' trap of property porn way outside the budgets of a high school teacher and a struggling writer (with no other obvious means of support). Also the Annie Hall dress sense was just weird. Iain De Caestaecker is great and I can see why he ended up to Agents of SHIELD.Lots of missed opportunities.

Ricardo A (jp) wrote: A bittersweet comedy carried by the great Greta Gerwig. Despite some seen before moments, Lola Versus works.

Anna B (fr) wrote: While stylistically similar to Van Sant's death trilogy, it doesn't quite manage to reach the hypnotic majesty of something like Gerry. It is, however, extremely beautiful, and extremely painful to watch.

Robert S (fr) wrote: It's not what you'd usually expect from Gervais & Merchant, but succeeds with charm, wit, and heart.

Heather A (de) wrote: A boring meh of a mess.

Greg H (nl) wrote: A "slight" indie film that caches you by surprise with its raw, emotional performances and insightful character connections. Stars Vincent Kartheiser (best known as Pete from Madmen) and Mare Winningham. Depressing but well worth the bummer.

Stuart M (it) wrote: Jeremy Renner's easily the best thing about this. His Dahmer contains just enough tragic listlessness that you can see why people wouldn't suspect him of anything more serious than traffic violations, even when he starts to get creepy. The problem is the film never does anything with that. Instead, after a creepy first twenty minutes where we learn how he operates, it focuses entirely on Dahmer alone in his apartment with a victim he lured in. It never knows what to do with this, being neither particularly exploitative nor clinical crime drama, and there's little tension. In the end they cut away before any of the dramatic stuff happens, like the arrest and trial. Apart from Renner there's nothing worth seeing here. It's just another boring flick taking advantage of a real horror story.

Richard D (gb) wrote: A science fiction with a strong focus on family and characters (and baseball) as well as a murder thriller. When the simple act of saving your father, in turn allows a killer to run rampant is a brilliant idea (a play on the railway dilemma). The time travel is unknown to the characters and they make no attempt to explain it except that is has something to do with abnormal sunspots. There are a couple scientists characters on TV that attempt to explain it, but it's far overshadowed by the actual plot of the film. Might need to see it twice to get what's fully going on, but it's still simple enough for the entire family.The accents can get ridiculous at times, but Dennis Quaid really brings it all together.

Lanning (de) wrote: McDonald Walling: If you want to stab a dead man, why don't you do it yourself, instead of having someone else do it for you? Julia O. Treadway: Get out of here. McDonald Walling: Go on, sell out! Smash everything he lived for. That's what you want to do, isn't it? Pay him back for loving the company more than he could love you? Julia O. Treadway: Will you get out of here! When John Houseman serves as the producer of a film, I most assuredly sit up and pay attention. Houseman's acumen as a producer, as a director, as a production assistant to the likes of Orson Welles on Citizen Kane, and even more visibly as a stage and screen actor on projects such as The Paper Chase, is extremely keen. Okay, so there are some poor moments in this film. The one clinch-and-break scene quoted at the top here is a prime example. Overall, however, William Holden's acting lifts this cunning portrait of corporate business mentality to a whole new higher plane. What do you think? On the heels of having watched Stalag 17 for the umpteenth time last week, a role for which Holden was nominated for Best Actor, I have to say that, in my first viewing of Executive Suite, he's even better here. You watch this and you know why he rose to the top of the Hollywood acting food chain. Contrast the very wooden moment cited above with his dressing down of the Treadway board of directors scene just before the movie ends, and you will see Mr. Holden on absolute acting fire. And in the scene immediately following, you'll watch Barbara Stanwyck absolutely dominate the landscape in a face-to-face with June Allyson. It's as if you're watching a split screen of two different movies. Stanwyck stands out in full 3-D relief; Allyson is almost a paper silhouette, a kind of Javanese shadow puppet by comparison. Additionally, Fredric March and Shelley Winters prove why they went as far as they did in the acting business. What a wonderful, if uneven, film. Mr. Houseman, you are truly missed. Gotta add William Holden to my all-time favorite actors list pronto : )

William W (br) wrote: I used to consider this second-tier Hitchcock, but a re-watch proved to me just how excellent the script and directing were, as well as how stellar and underrated both Grace Kelly and Ray Milland tend to be, at least presently, three generations after the fact. The suspense is tied tighter than the proverbial drum.Needless to say, to this day, I never keep scissors on top of my desk anymore...

Julian D (ca) wrote: i have nothing negative to say about this film. running through the checklist: Baseball? check Hairy Chested Hero? check Moustache ride reference? check Japanese people acting stupid? check Dennis Haysbert NOT plugging All State? CHECK awesome film