A Shot in the Factory

A Shot in the Factory

The events surrounding a factory in a small town are gone through in documentary style.

In the beginning of this film we see an elderly man cycling to his workplace, a factory in a small town, but not for work. Instead, he walks determinedly to the manager's room, takes a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Shot in the Factory torrent reviews

Gary B (kr) wrote: The "night of fun" montage in this is probably the funniest segment I've seen in a film in many years.

Ramkrishna B (jp) wrote: my fav fav pixar short:)

Lovro H (nl) wrote: Story is not the best, but then again it isn't the worst! There are many eye candy effects all throughout the film. Now I know why this is Japan's most expensive anime.

Ninni S (fr) wrote: Hurja ja koskettava elokuva rakkaudesta ja himosta ja uhrauksista ja vkivallasta niiden eteen.

Tony O (ru) wrote: a refreshingly unpretentious look at a kleptomaniacal kid trapped in a dysfunctional family in an amoral world-the film doesn't preach any "nature/nurture" crap,and there's a dark,edgy humor throughout it,and moments of poignant tenderness that make this a really understated & underrated little sleeper--I heard it was a semi-autobiographical version of actor/director Frank Whaley's childhood-I might be off on this,but it's kind of Americanized Truffaut,a somehow European reductionist/humanist take on childhood.

Michael M (fr) wrote: I love Chirstina Ricci

Mark B (ca) wrote: Cute, but awful 80's hair...

Wiebke K (fr) wrote: Set in 1901-4 South Africa, this movie not only shows the brutality of war in a war that is rarely depicted but also the British extreme nationalism against Australians who are fighting in the British army but are happily used as scapegoats as they are not as British aka civilized as anyone from the Isles -- no matter how illiterate. The performances are great -- definitely worth watching.

Michael T (ca) wrote: Really bad actor is addicted to pot, eats some chemically induced turkey, and wakes up with a turkey's head and a lust for blood. . .hey, I couldn't even make this plot up if I wanted to...

Robin T (us) wrote: Chaplin!Chaplin!Chaplin!The message of the relationship with workers and the boss is still real today.