A Single Girl

A Single Girl

A young Parisian must make major decisions about pregnancy, a job and her boyfriend.

Early one morning Valerie has to tell her unemployed boyfriend Remi that she is pregnant. She has decided to keep the child, but they argue whether they should break up or not. That same ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ilsa W (it) wrote: I know this is a true story so you can't really complain about the plot, but this could have been so much better. Just wasn't tense enough for me so I found I cared little about what actually happened. The performances aren't bad but this was just missing something for me!

Anna B (ca) wrote: Man...religion is so weird. Beautiful movie though.

Anna N (kr) wrote: Horror = Not interested.

Valerie S (jp) wrote: Laugh My F-bomb Ass Off!

Ben D (de) wrote: Someone described the lead as being the 'anti-Woody Allen' and that's a good way to describe him. It's a fantastic document of the ugly side to living in New York and shits all over Allen's wet dream about Manhattan. To be frank the two shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath. This was a stunning work.

Jeff N (kr) wrote: Out now in limited release, this story of a couple whose son is killed before really starting his life is beginning to get a lot of buzz. In fact, Sissy Spacek just won the 2001 American Film Institute Award for Best Actor - Female - Movies for her portrayal of Ruth Fowler, the mother. The articles I have read and TV I have seen surrounding this movie made it too intriguing to miss. Too bad the movie wasn't interesting enough to warrant seeing it before it goes to cable.Don't get me wrong. In the Bedroom is not a BAD movie. Especially compared to a lot of the crap that has been out in the last year (i.e. Bandits and Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius). The story kept my attention even though the content was devastating and the dialogue was painstakingly slow. I really did feel, as a parent, for the mother and father in the movie after having lost their only son to such a tragic event. However, there are some basic problems with the movie that were just to large for them not to be considered detrimental to the film.Primarily the problems stemmed from the dialogue and the flow of the movie. Though very natural and well-acted, the dialogue had too many points of silence. Too many unnatural periods where the characters either ignore the fact that the other character is speaking or are pausing needlessly before responding. Kubrick did this in his films too, but it didn't wear on me as it did in this film. I understand that I am supposed to think about the situation from the perspective of the grieving parents, but cmon. No one waits THAT long to respond to interaction, if they even choose to interact at all. I'm really not sure what the point was and it was just flat out irritating. My brother would tell me that I was wanting something spoonfed to me, which is not what GOOD movies do. However, I could have had a LITTLE more interaction between the characters without SO MUCH silence. I don't think the movie would have been compromised at all.What I did like about the movie though is that it did NOT have your typical Hollywood ending, though there were many times it was leading in that direction. I truly thought that the movie was going to express how much the grieving father would have wanted to seek revenge for his son's death, but when it came down to it, he wanted to turn a negative into a positive and take care of the children left behind as a result of the tragedy. The good thing is, the movie did not do that. The father did what every guy in that audience wanted him to do. He killed him. That was nice.In addition, I like the subtle way that shortly after Sissy Spacek tells her husband that he never shows any emotion, he proceeds to carry out his VERY meticulous plan to avenge his son until the last minute when his emotions overcome him and he kills the guy anyway before he had planned.For those of you who enjoy Hollywood endings, this movie is not for you. It does not sugarcoat anything for you. It is very natural in that respect. It is very much real life. In addition, some of you may look at the movie as not truly ending, which is a pet peeve of many movie goers, including my wife. However, as my brother said, the movie sticks with the natural part of the story where something like this never truly leaves you. It never truly ends and so the movie should reflect that. And it did.In any case, it's a pretty good movie, just not as good as many are making it out to be. If you have any hesitation whatsoever, wait for this one on cable.

Salim I (kr) wrote: The best Friday the 13th movie. Absolutely hilarious.

Mewca N (de) wrote: This is a superb movie. Awesome Brazilian actors.

Andy G (au) wrote: Couldn't be more relevant. Aside from a few pieces of older technology, it is as if this movie was written this year. All about the NSA spying where it doesn't belong. Every argument from both sides displayed in the movie I've heard time and time again in the news lately. This movie was somewhat viewed as futuristic paranoia at the time, but it seems like it was pretty accurate.91%

Adrienne L (mx) wrote: I just added this drama about family and cancer to my collection. It's a very moving piece and very touching. A definite personal favorite of mine.

abibaby u (jp) wrote: old movie, yeah nyz concept anyways welldone halle doin ya thing

Kevin T (it) wrote: I love it ...great action packed movie

Eric B (nl) wrote: By all accounts, "Hammett" was a troubled project. Rumors abound that producer Francis Ford Coppola re-shot much of credited director Wim Wenders' footage and, indeed, the filmmaking leans more toward Coppola's style. A favored Coppola actor (Frederic Forrest, who already had appeared in "One from the Heart," "Apocalypse Now" and "The Conversation") stars, and the sets' obvious, studio-lot falseness is more of a Coppola trait. Wenders' icy introspection is tempered, while Coppola's proven knack for the classic crime drama thrives. Really, the only moment which screams "Wenders!" is an esoteric Samuel Fuller cameo."Hammett" is essentially a film-noir pastiche -- it's difficult to produce a contemporary piece like this which doesn't seem like just an arch exercise. The script visits the legendary Dashiell Hammett as a younger, struggling writer, and imagines him returning to the detective beat (he worked for the Pinkerton Agency prior to attaining literary fame). Recruited by an old chum (Peter Boyle) to help find an exotic prostitute missing in Chinatown, Hammett enlists his implausibly gorgeous neighbor (Marilu Henner) to play Girl Friday as he matches wits with colorful actors including Jack Nance ("Eraserhead" and other David Lynch works), David Patrick Kelly (whose strangled voice is an interesting counterpart to his iconic "Come out to play-yi-yay" taunt from "The Warriors"), Roy Kinnear and a few old-timers from film noir's heyday (the scene with Sylvia Sidney is especially good). Multiple genre cliches are affectionately trotted out -- the trenchcoats, the cigarettes, the Venetian blinds, the clattering typewriters, the alleys, the pool halls, the gambling parlor, the clattering typewriters, the shadowy stalkers, the apartment trashed in a futile search, the gun pointed through a pocket -- as Hammett pursues both the lost girl and an overdue manuscript which he has foolishly dropped.A good ending helps salvage a film which otherwise can seem like a pointless tribute. John Barry adds an appropriately swanky score, and two fantasy sequences give Wenders/Coppola a further chance to indulge themselves. "Hammett" is no masterpiece, but its "flop" reputation is unfair.

Frank M (es) wrote: Experimental primitive 70 B movie, with the most annoying script, but some surprisingly good and erotic moments.

Gregory W (nl) wrote: ok singing cowboy musical western.

Kade C (br) wrote: A film that with a weak performance would be incredibly boring, but Tom Hanks finds a way to make a near dialogue-less film fantastic by just using body language and emotion. The writing of this script is incredible considering how little words are spoken. Cast Away is so simple and hopeless, yet has an inexpiable charm.

Sui G (it) wrote: Funny at the beginning, but I sort of lost interest.

Amanda H (au) wrote: The idea of this as a stage musical has never sat well with me, because... well, the movie wasn't a musical, mostly. This took 45 minutes or so to get good, but by the end of it I was won over by most of the performances and the absolutely stunning set and effects. It will still never be my favorite musical, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

Ben S (mx) wrote: Very "Old-school", which is not a bad thing. Pretty funny. There's a great moral to the story.