A Sister's Secret

A Sister's Secret

When Katherine (Alexandra Paul) finds out her father's company is about to close the paper mill they own in her hometown in rural Pennsylvania, she comes up with a plan to save it. Needing the approval of the city council, she goes back and runs into someone from her past: Jane (Cynthia Preston). Years ago, in high school, Katherine dated Jane's twin brother Sean, who subsequently committed suicid

After losing her twin brother to suicide, a woman blames her brothers ex-girlfriend and plans to take her revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John M (br) wrote: A mess of a film, which is meant, I think, to be a homage to the exploitation films of the 70s, but comes off looking like a lot of ideas just thrown together with no real meat to them. Also, I would have expected a film of this nature to have some humour in it, but not one iota did I find.

Edward K (de) wrote: I've survived Elmo, Barney, Disney Princess movies. This horrible movie may be the movie that pushes me over the edge. My 3 1/2 year old daughter loves this movie, but it could be the most annoying movie ever created. I have nightmares about the twin douchbags in this flick. Usually its cute when a little girl remembers songs and resings them. When my daughter recites the "Believe" song, I vomit in my mouth. Avoid at all costs.

Newton W (it) wrote: Predictable retelling of the Christmas Carol story. For me, the best part is the cameos from all the minor Looney Toon characters

Trevor G (jp) wrote: Great little movie. With a title like this, I really had to check it out. Now I think I need to read the book at some point. It's a foreign film, but they speak English so don't fear the subtitles. hah. If you like quirky fun indie art flicks (not necessarily a "feel good" though), give this one a shot.

Michael P (it) wrote: If you like a period drama which sticks closely to historical fact, this one is very informative. Most of it takes place at Versailles before the French Revolution but after the American War of Independence when Thomas Jefferson was US Ambassador to France. The backgrounds are sumptuous and the plot fascinating: Jefferson was an intriguing and complicated man.

F B (de) wrote: Watchable garbage. I expected better from MD but this was just stupid beyond belief.

Sarah M (nl) wrote: Jayne Mansfield makes a cameo in this film. Review coming soon.