A Small World

A Small World

A prominent doctor wants to commit a suicide. Two cops chose a wrong way while driving down the road. The suspected one believes that he'll never be caught. His pretty wife who works in a ...

A prominent doctor wants to commit a suicide. Two cops chose a wrong way while driving down the road. The suspected one believes that he'll never be caught. His pretty wife who works in a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emily E (au) wrote: I loved this movie, so much, as a child...

Whitney W (br) wrote: What the fuck was Zac Efron doing in this movie? What the fuck was anyone doing in this movie. It's not a bad "older dude and precocious young girl fall for each other" type thing I guess but the premise is a little trite. Props to Josh Radnor for not being mega creepy like James Franco was in Palo Alto. I'm writing this with about 30 minutes left in the movie so I may have some updates. Update: Allison Janney being seductive with a french fry was pretty great. Update: This whole thing with Allison Janney is really helping the film. Update: Still nothing amazing but the movie kinda got its shit together. Ana was a disappointingly flat character though.

Bryan P (mx) wrote: A team of navy seals go to Colombia only to be framed for an attack they did not do

Kyle K (es) wrote: horrible garbage yet with a ff button it was bearable to view once.

aldrin c (kr) wrote: [b][u]Sexy. Defiant. Provocative. Her passion for art changed the face of history.[/u][/b] Prepare to feel the essence of your penis (if you have one) being translated into something worth a thousand words by[i] Artemisia[/i].

Sourav R (mx) wrote: If there is one film after Citizen Kane based on a man's whole life, it has to be the Belgian film Toto le Heros. This film about fate, love, and childhood fantasies which are very hard to describe. Take a kids film of Von Trier, add a spoon-full of Amelie, an essence of Donnie Darko, a sprinkle of Lynchian strangeness and Terry Gilliam's wackiness, garnish it with Citizen Kane and The Third Man, and you'll meet Toto! Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes funny, sometimes weird, always captivating; this is a film for people who enjoy non-linear and creative story-telling. Also, that much talked about floating plastic bag scene from "American Beauty" is taken straight from this film's unforgettable final scenes! Students interested in editing should learn from this film. This film sets the standards of modern editing, which can be compared with likes of Saving private Ryan, Requiem for a dream, The Conversation and City of Gods. The narration may seem complicated but the story-line is as simple as that- an unpredictable tale about a man who always thought he was nobody, and found at the very end of his life, that he was, in fact, a hero!

Jos M (mx) wrote: Psicodelico film de Stanley Donen que no llega a la altura de la genial Charada, pero que tiene su encanto gracias a Sophia Loren y a Gregory Peck.

Matthew L (gb) wrote: Dreadfully unfocused, aimless documentary that is supposed to be about people that have been struck by lightning and how it affected their lives. Instead, it wanders around getting sidetracked by pointless distractions as it it never quite figures out what it wants to do or say. A missed opportunity.

Michael D (de) wrote: The first hour is just marvelous - funny, totally absurd and good-heartedly perverted. After that it gets a bit more serious (not that much mind) and at the end it's bring on the BIG MESSAGE time. Still - 80 mnutes of ridiculous fun, excellent set design and the 3 central performances are really good.Stevie Wonder sadly absent.

Meja S (us) wrote: 'Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not'. Now I know where that line came from.Rebellious, provocative and must have been quite controversial in its days.

Peter F (mx) wrote: Dziga Vertov's stunning documentary set out to be merely a day-in-the-life portrayal of a city, but it's that and so much more. Vertov's shots are beautiful and explore facets of seemingly everything that made early 20th century urban life work, from the work force, to recreation, to cinema itself. Still, what truly makes Man With a Movie Camera entrancing is it's dips into surrealism and unconventional filmmaking that would influence legions of film makers to come, and today it still seems kind of a stretch to merely refer to the film as a "documentary". A project that was the first of its kind, and quite possibly the best of its kind as well.

Heath C (ag) wrote: Not a great Pixar film, but still very fun and light-hearted.

Russ B (us) wrote: 8/28/2015: It had its moments, but not near as funny as I hoped.