A Soap

A Soap

32-year-old Charlotte could have it all, but she doesn´t want any of it. When she moves away from her boyfriend, she happens to become the upstairs neighbour of the transsexual Veronica. Veronica prefers to keep to herself with her little dog and a romantic soap show on TV, while Charlotte gets through the nights with one-night stands. An assault, a new bed and some white curtains bring the two of them together and they end up as the main characters of their own turbulent love story.

A tragicomedy focused on the relationship between the owner of a beauty clinic and a transsexual. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave M (it) wrote: Average film, but great soundtrack :)

Freddy M (nl) wrote: A fun documentary that makes the viewer really want to purchase a Mac...or ridicule Mac owners...or move to California...or move away from California. It's fun.

Lucien M (us) wrote: wow just wow that really coll ~?~?~?~~~~~~(TM)(TM)~~~~~~~(TM)(TM)~~~~~~~~~~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~,~,~,~,~,~,~,~,~,~,~,~,~,~,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Erin B (ag) wrote: I really thought this was a cute movie. It had a lot of actors that I loved :-D It was pretty funny. I enjoyed watching it and will prolly watch it again. I had never heard of it before I saw it in the rental place.

Jason D (ru) wrote: Things get weird one day at a remote sheriff's office in a small wooded town when a naked teenage boy strolls in, completely covered head to toe in someone's blood. It's up to the sheriff and some other select players to try and figure out what the fuck is going on. Wholly original horror film that delivers some awesome gore effects and great ideas that are carried out terrifically by a very well-crafted cast, including Patty McCormack in a very against-type role. This film had me guessing until the very end and still managed to pack a small punch with a few clever twists. This is definitely a film worth watching.

devin p (gb) wrote: th espotless one was sad!! but ioan was spectacular

Michael W (gb) wrote: Van Damme as cop sent undercover as inmate to prison, exposing corruption and gross medical malpractice of the inmates until (you guessed it) his cover is blown. Credible main story is undermined by bookending the film with battles against Sandman, who plays like an indestructable slasher film character.

Barbara C (de) wrote: A movie every Boy Scout, both current and former, should see at least once in their life.

Raymond C (ag) wrote: This if it's Tuesday it must be Belgium movie kind of grows on you,especially if you have multiple premium channels?

Tristan L (ag) wrote: this movie suck because it has no Chris tucker but u know wats great for replacement. annoying ass mike Epps great!

Brandon Y (ca) wrote: Absolutely loved the cast and the movie. It's a imaginative adventure with great potential, and witty puns. :)