A Song for Martin

A Song for Martin

Martin, conductor of a symphonic orchestra, meet Barbara, violine player and they start a relationship. Five years later Martin starts to develop loss of memory and becomes more and more confused. Finally he is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and Barbara tries to help as much as possible although Martin is often angry and violent towards her.

Famous composer Martin meets concertmaster Barbara at one of his performances, and the two fall in love. After divorcing their spouses, Martin and Barbara marry and begin a happy life ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Indira S (fr) wrote: umm,, critanya terlalu cliche,, :D but at least she's not as stupid as i did :|

Andy G (nl) wrote: Maybe too simple, but beautiful nonetheless.

Fernando C (nl) wrote: This film made me love both Jessica Lange and Tom Wilkinson, and it's a good watch. Sure, it's not precisely deep nor believable, but it's rich in emotions and appeal, and the actors truly make this waaaay more exciting than it would've been without this cast.

Jason S (mx) wrote: So much to like about this look at feminism and religious intolerance, but perhaps the most remarkable bits are in the casting. Cathering McCormack looks for all the world as if she were Jacqueline Bisset's daughter. Jeron Krabbe looks like a European Rick Perry, and Noami Watts was ugly.

Shafquat G (es) wrote: I don't have enogh star to rate it. king knows how to use women's beauty and sensuality in his work. 2 thumbs up for him.

Ahmed B (es) wrote: Only the female actresses stand out in this film !!!