A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born

A movie star helps a young singer/actress find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.

A movie star helps a young singer/actress find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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A Star Is Born torrent reviews

Dailiesel M (us) wrote: Great movie hell yeah,excellent god job..

John F (jp) wrote: Maybe it's my humor or generation, but this movie is terrific in the most innocent, simplistic and immature kind of humor. Don't go in with overarching expectations and you won't come out disappointed.

Alexandre S (au) wrote: "La Vie sur l'Eau" (2005) de Mohammad Rasoulof (Iran)Premier film du "Zoom Gographique" consacr par le Festival Rsistances 2010 la cinmatographie de l'Iran !projet le samedi 10 juillet 2010 vers 18h15 dans la grande salle de l'Estive Foix !

Jessica S (ru) wrote: Not a huge Susan Sarandon fan...why are men so obsessed with her?

Matthew T (jp) wrote: A lot of fun... if you don't mind reading your movies :)

Fernando V (gb) wrote: Scandinavian cinema has give us a lot throughout the ages, but none more then the dogma95 boys. This one is perhaps their less successful experience, and honestly i can not understand why. The film is brilliant.

Brett E (ru) wrote: Best Adam Sandler movie of all time. Non-stop laughs, can watch it over & over again!

Sam T (ru) wrote: A French psychological thriller that plays the obsession theme pretty well.

Lynda M (us) wrote: Where Aviator failed, Melvin and Howard succeeds. The last act of kindness of Howard Hughes, true or false, is a subtle story showing the danger of wealth, it's no use to anyone some time in ones life.

Joshua S (nl) wrote: I enjoyed the film, if for no other reason than how foggy and bleak it was visually. The tone of the film as embodied by the main cast was less enjoyable. Holmes and Watson seemed to be in good spirits throughout and their merry banter detracted greatly from the seriousness of the subject matter. Holmes in particular was a problem for me: he had none of the unsociable cruelty, inflexible genius or acerbic wit that we have come to expect from Conan-Doyle stories. Indeed, minus all these traits, Plummer's Holmes wasn't much more than an intelligent and rather likable character; and thus it seems odd and unnecessary that he should have been called Holmes at all: another London detective would have done just as well, and would have been free from the expectations readers might have had of Holmes.The final scene, where Holmes reveals his hand to the top agents of the government (who are all implicated) is overlong and simply dripping with melodrama. Holmes' heartfelt monologue about the now-dead mother separated from her child was especially excruciating.The scene in the sanatorium however, marked a high point in the film, with Genevieve Bujold teetering between delicate clarity and madness and the other female patients going absolutely wild around her.Donald Sutherland's character was a pleasure to watch, but was wholly unnecessary to the plot.

Calvin C (jp) wrote: Campy, silly, yet more enjoyable than the last sequel, Shaft goes James Bond as he goes undercover to Africa to stop a slavery ring. Shaft is more of a killer here and doesn't mind kicking butt. He also has more time with the ladies as the nudity and sex is as bad as the title character himself. Grade: B-

Sarah F (ag) wrote: love it love it love it

Uditha D (jp) wrote: I heard quite early on that Peter O'Toole acted magnificently in the same role in two films - one was The Lion In Winter, the other Becket. But although both were nominated for Best Picture (and Best Actor for him), I firmly think that Becket is an inferior epic. The main reason for this is because, from beginning to end, it seems to drag on and on, drably and even colorlessly. I got tired of watching Henry II's childish antics turn dangerous towards the end, although the homosexuality between him and Becket was subtly hinted. I found the performances wanting vitality, too dramatic, and (in O'Toole's case) quite predictable. Even the counterpart roles from The Lion in Winter, most notably Pamela Brown's Eleanor, were too emotionally played. The lines (even "Thank God, madam, he gave you breasts - an asset from which I derived not the slightest benefit ") were not witty enough. Having said that, the score was quite good, and Burton's performance was alright (better than O'Toole's in any case). Between this and The Lion In Winter, the latter is infinitely better. Overall I would rate this 3 out of 5 stars.

Jordan P (it) wrote: In an attempt to showcase death itself as the true antagonist of horror, unrealistic gore and uninspired, predictable plotting overwhelm the promising setup and thought-provoking message Final Destination has to offer, squandering an intriguing concept for a unique franchise as a result.

Bo K (mx) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time, great acting, and really great job of portraying the life of a soldier during that time period.

Nicki M (ru) wrote: Watched a bit, didn't appeal to me.