A Story of Floating Weeds

A Story of Floating Weeds

A kabuki actor's mistress hatches a jealous plot to bring down her lover's son.

A kabuki actor's mistress hatches a jealous plot to bring down her lover's son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony R (us) wrote: Ultimately underwhelming but always nice to see the brentmeister,

Andy M (jp) wrote: Murray is a nuanced master as FDR.

Wilman A (jp) wrote: Unik namun sedikit aneh. Cerita menarik namun tidak special. Pesan moral mengenai keserakahan manusia dan target salah yang dikejar. Mungkin menjadi 3d stop motion paling natural sampai 2014.

Matthew P (au) wrote: This movie, like it's predecessor, raises questions (as the storyline moves too quickly for comfort), but it's great nonetheless. My favourite line:Matau: "Okay, who fire-launched the triple-spinner?"

Greg J (ru) wrote: The only thing that was worst than the movie was the cards they gave you when you bought the tickets.

Kimberly W (it) wrote: Similar storyline to "Fool's Gold" but I actually liked "Fool's Gold" better

Lissette V (de) wrote: Italian cinema keeps getting better and better!

Mac K (br) wrote: One of my favorites.

Kevin L (us) wrote: Disturbingly evocative and deeply thematic, Ghost in the Shell remains a milestone for anime and science fiction for its complex interpretations of life, consciousness, reality, and existence

Ebony S (nl) wrote: Lots of laughs and tears!! What a wonderful story of true friendship!! #DidYouEverKnowThatYoureMyHero

Michael M (br) wrote: Not Woody Allen(TM)s best, but one of his most interesting looking films.

Stephanie J (br) wrote: The most untraditional romantic comedy of all time. John Cassevetes masters those moments in life that make us feel awkward and creates characters that are no apprehensive about reliving them. "Minnie and Moskowitz" is both a classic and underrated Cassevetes film.

Pwincess N (us) wrote: its gt a shit stoeyline but its propa funny so its gud

Rogerinho S (br) wrote: Alain Delon is brilliant, and so freakin' cool. The languid pacing and stripped down soundtrack really worked, with the heist really well planned and constructed as well. Just the swift and unfortunate conclusion didn't live up.

Ken S (fr) wrote: The biggest problem with the third film in the "Planet of the Apes" saga is that it has it takes the best part of franchise's premise...you know, the Ape planet, and strips that from the film by reversing it: ape astronauts sent back in time to find Earth ruled by humans. Spoil alert for those who haven't seen "Beneath the Planet of the Apes": Earth got destroyed in the final moments of the previous film. But luckily, so the franchise can continue, Zira and Cornelius, and another ape scientist named Dr. Milo, happened to fix up Taylor's spacecraft (?), fly up into space (?), all before the Earth was destroyed (?) and traveled back in time (?) to the plot of this film. It is all really convoluted and crazy, and really made it hard for me to get behind this film the first time around. It does give more of a background on how the apes came to rule the Earth, but the story given is far more interesting than the actual story of this film. I must admit though that being a sucker for this franchise I actually found this film to be better the second time around. I thought the tone was inconsistent, but this second time it flowed better. Maybe because I knew what to expect or maybe because the initial premise of somehow magically traveling back in time opening really took me out if it. There are elements I genuinely like, even if I admit the film is flawed.

Sean D (es) wrote: If you've been through pregnancy/ have a family I think this movie is very funny and relatable on many levels. that's not to say it explores every level. And from reading many of the reviews I'm betting many of the reviewers haven't had the experience and thus have, apparently, no ability to relate to the film.

Alex B (kr) wrote: This movie is cool, but it's a lot more deliberate than the first one probably in order to appeal to a bigger audience. Good role from R. Lee Ermey.