A Suprema Felicidade

A Suprema Felicidade


Shortly after World War II, the city of Rio de Janeiro experiments a period of great cultural, political and economic effervescence, when all the dreams – or nearly all – seem possible. In this exciting scenery of transformation, Paulo discovers love, friendship and sex through his childhood and adolescence in the 1950’s and 1960’s. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Suprema Felicidade torrent reviews

DAVID B (it) wrote: grand children love it asit looks on mob or tab thanks

John C (mx) wrote: Except for the very adult language and tragedy, it felt like I was watching the Hallmark Channel. Lots of second chances and people "stepping up" when they needed to.

David K (fr) wrote: Hmmm, foreign film,..

Carlos M (fr) wrote: This extremely disturbing and almost unwatchable exercise in extreme sadism is always gripping, given how it follows unpredictable directions at every moment until it reaches a surprising final act that demands too much from the audience for being so nihilistic and profoundly sickening.

Michelle C (es) wrote: Light on the comedy. Light on the romance. Could have been so much better.

Ben T (es) wrote: Not as bad as one would think but still pretty cheesy and somewhat kiddie.

Ryan P (au) wrote: This might become my favourite documentary of all time. I can watch Scorsese talk about his favourite films ALL DAY.

Irma A (br) wrote: i am sixteen years too late in watching this but better late than never. Never got boring and it was creepy watching heath ledger as a chocolate boy. predictable but witty.

Alexander Z (au) wrote: Nihilistic and condemnatory, but bitingly funny as well, with one of those love it or hate it endings. Kevin Spacey turns in a ridiculously good performance, both cruel, sad, and hilarious. Frank Whaley is somewhat miscast, being a little too unbelievable in his transition from toady to cutthroat, and the ending is not convincingly plotted. Despite these flaws, Swimming With Sharks shines in its dialogue and maintains interest throughout.

Max M (us) wrote: Star Paul Newman and director Stuart Rosenberg re-team post-Cool Hand Luke for this rather dull story of a down-on-his-luck cow hand (Newman), and his fast-talking partner (Lee Marvin) and their dealings with a crooked rancher (Strother Martin).Despite having two terrific leading men (Newman and Marvin) and a script by Terrence Malick (director of such classics as Badlands and Days of Heaven - he also did some uncredited script work on Dirty Harry) the film is rather lackluster and unengaging. Nice photography by the great Laszlo Kovacs however.

Robert B (us) wrote: Not so bad as people dscribes - the pretext is a vigilante that hunts down violent criminals. The story is nice, in a documentary style aproach. Actings are nice, scenes too. The ending is open - the better aspect is the moral dilema, that is present in the film. 6,0/10