A Thousand Clowns

A Thousand Clowns

Twelve-year-old Nick lives with his Uncle Murray, a Mr.Micawber-like Dickensian character who keeps hoping something won't turn up. What turns up is a social worker, who falls in love with Murray and a bit in love with Nick. As the child welfare people try to force Murray to become a conventional man (as the price they demand for allowing him to keep Nick), the nephew, who until now has gloried in his Uncle's iconoclastic approach to life, tries to play mediator. But when he succeeds, he is alarmed by the uncle's willingness to cave in to society in order to save the relationship.

A middle-aged iconoclast, doggedly avoiding the tedium of employment and conventional life, faces the prospect of losing custody of his young ward. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandy K (de) wrote: In this Belgian film (with English subtitles), Sandra (played brilliantly by Marie Cotillard) returns home from the hospital after a serious bout with depression only to find her boss at the solar panel company has decided they can operate more economically with just 16 workers, and offers them a choice between keeping Sandra on or receiving a huge bonus. At a time when just getting out of bed is still a struggle, she has a weekend to try to persuade her co-workers to vote to keep her. Her fragile self-esteem is pummeled to the breaking point, and the more empathetic among her co-workers, many of whom face economic hardships that make the promised bonus a lifeline, face a moral dilemma. Although the pace of the film is slow, the lingering shots of Sandra's face places us deeply in her mind and tortured soul, with her loving husband trying to find the right balance between supporting her in her pain/fear, and not allowing her to sink back down into withdrawal and surrender. Without giving away the ending, it was incredibly satisfying to see how the experience shaped her response to the final decision made by her co-workers and boss.

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Brendan B (es) wrote: Goofy but kind of entertaining.

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Paul D (nl) wrote: Curd Jurgens plays it straight - perfectly to annoy the character of Orson Welles who does a pretty good job as the funny-man, for what is mainly a comedy, and most of it is family friendly until the final couple of scenes.

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