A Thousand Peace Clouds Encircle the Sky

A Thousand Peace Clouds Encircle the Sky

Gerardo, a 17-year old guy has just finished his relationship with Bruno and starts wandering hopeless through the streets of the city. In his wandering he's tortured by images: each ...

Gerardo, a 17-year old guy has just finished his relationship with Bruno and starts wandering hopeless through the streets of the city. In his wandering he's tortured by images: each ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brem S (es) wrote: Luke Goss isn't a bad tough guy! Unfortunately he doesn't have much to say so it's hard to comment on his acting but the plot is OK. Totally unpredictable and a good music score throughout, although I reckon the film would have been half as good without it. Worth a watch but the ladies may find it a bit boring.

Sanjaya B (fr) wrote: 'The Artist' brings back the memories of silent movie era to the millennium era which is a different approach and the critics definitely love it.. But to tell you the truth, they're kinda a little over-rated this movie.. But the power of this movie is even it is a silent movie but they're not boring.. So overall it's a great movie and definitely critics' favorite..

Nacho S (jp) wrote: Acepteibol (especialmente para ser una primera pelcula)

Douglas L (mx) wrote: Zero day may be a touchy subject, but it is a reality we live in. I like the documentary style that was based in real events. It was hard hitting, and it wasnt hard to make. I like how you see they come from loving homes, their homelife is not bad at all.The documentary style also makes it feel more gritty and real. If it was big budget it would be too commercial, and in the end, it would mess up what already IS a perfectly good indy.

Steve M (it) wrote: Hatchetman Starring: Cheryl Burns Director: Robert Tiffi Strippers who live in the same apartment building and dance at the same club are targeted by a masked serial killer. Is the murderer really the recently released violent felon they all testified against, or is there something else behind the killings? Although not as bad as some other slasher-flicks I've seen--most of the girls are decent actors--this is still not something you'd want to go out of your way for. The script is weak, there's entirely too many characters being dumb to keep the story moving (although the characters who behave stupidly ARE portrayed as stupid even before they run into dark alleys so they can be killed in private), and the killer and what motivates him are also lame. The only positive note is that most of the actresses playing the strippers are actually built like the exotic dancers I know. Most of these movies don't seem to know how to cast their strippers.

Shasta J (nl) wrote: "chaos, control; chaos, control..."

Greg W (ag) wrote: really lame only made it 15 minutes

Sergio S (es) wrote: I had no idea there was a movie based on this absurd play, but low and behold--here it is. As much as I like Gene Wilder, he kind of sleepwalks through the film. In fact--he plays his part like he's a sedated Pee Wee Herman. In contrast, everyone around him is great. Particularly stunning is a young Karen Black. She always does psycho well and she's no exception in this film. Zero Mostel doesn't lag far behind either. If you're familiar with the play--you'll get a kick out of the film. If you're not familiar with the play--you're in for a wild ride!

Pavandeep S (it) wrote: There is something about this film, the very exuberance of it all in contrast to the despair of its members, the meaningless morass of man's relationships to each other and beyond that is interesting here. The character's mess sometimes relate well and we wonder at the end how pathetic man can become and turn into.

Heidi P (br) wrote: Not as good as I was hoping...but I still liked it.