A Thousand Times Stronger

A Thousand Times Stronger

The arrival of a new girl causes a stir in classroom social structure.

The arrival of a new girl causes a stir in classroom social structure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David J (us) wrote: With "Raiders!," directors Coon and Skousen committed, in my opinion, two major no-nos in regards to filming a documentary - inadequately introducing us to their subject and padding their film out with melodrama. However, "Raiders!" is pure entertainment because of the subject - a few boys recreated Spielberg's "Raiders of the Lost Ark" shot-for-shot over the course of seven years and, after their fan film garnered a cult status, they returned thirty years later to film the one shot they couldn't get.

Michael M (es) wrote: This an excellent movie for football fans or not. The story is interesting and current, set in urban Philadelphia against a politically charged backdrop of massive city budget cuts. Just enough time is spent on this but the politics are largely left out, which is a good thing. The real star of this movie is the volunteer coach who takes two battling teams from different schools and motivates them to come together. I suspect a paid coaching gig in his future. The movie is well paced, the football scenes are extremely well done, and the characters are compelling. You're rooting for the kids the whole way, especially the giant teddy bear of a lineman, Angus. I watched this on ESPN and the Dick's Sporting Good commercials were the best sports ads I've ever seen! Suitable for preteens to adults.

Tony G (de) wrote: I quite liked this film. A strange love story with an unexpected ending. Very nice.

Nick I (ru) wrote: It was boring, Jamie is boring. The doll creeps you out just with its presence and the ending was anticlimactic.

Hershey C (jp) wrote: This is one of the best things I have ever watched ...so intense. Hats off to the producer and director and actors.

Cristi B (ag) wrote: before borat bruno and the dictator there was ali Gthese intervius rock youtube

Pamela S (ru) wrote: "Will the artists please get on the helicopters!" I love Spalding Gray. He inspired me as a young artist and his tragic end still makes me sad.

Thomas P (ca) wrote: Meh. Meanders thru Italian American mob cliches with cartoon like characters, and uses the oversized emotions of a 50's musical. This was on tv, and I kept flipping channels to find something more interesting, but no luck.Honestly, with all the sneering and bigger than life mugging, these guys wore me out.I couldnt care less what happened to them.Late-nite re-runs were more interesting.Just sayin..

Nick R (us) wrote: Must rank as the worst of the worst.

Fong K (ca) wrote: viewed on 5/7/04 (Mon)I am surprised so much of the trial of a wronged black man is mentioned together with the film when it is about a third of the story. Also the movie is always seen as Gregory Peck's movie when it actually belongs to the two children of his Atticus Finch. And. I always see this movie as just another condemning racism when it is much more than that. No wonder it is a secondary school literature text and the trailer recommended the film to children. It is all about the coming-of-age of two children, the trial is part of it but there is also a Bogeyman nicknamed Boo (played by a very young Robert Duvall), a summer friend and a very close shave with murder. During the trial, there are even subtle mentions of incest rape and a white girl's repressed sexual urge. I never really know how wrongly the film is being promoted these years until I see the making-of documentary which really explains the actual intentions of the book and film. At one and a half hour long (oh gosh, if add on to the film length, it is like watching Seven Samurai again), it not only interviews the key actors but also the residents of the author's hometown. With all respect, it is boring. The book is about the author's childhood but thankfully the movie streamlined into a elegantly-paced and sublimely acted children movie worth recommending to all young adults who are about to see the end of their innocence and the cruel dangers in adulthood.Rating: A-

Sabrina A (us) wrote: Nooo please not 30 nights of paranormal activity everybody will go insane if they start watching this crud in there spare time (seriously!) save yourselves from the insanity!

Lauren O (es) wrote: what the hell man. this movie is just a big no. the ending f*cked me over and honestly it's a good movie but the ending made me hate it. it's freaking crazy and now i'm terrified of being buried alive. nevertheless, ryan reynolds did an amazing job in this movie, even if he only one of the two faces shown. this move is great but mind boggling. be cautious when you watch this movie if you have claustrophobia or anything just p.s.