A Time for Killing

A Time for Killing

During the Civil War, Confederate soldiers escape from a Union prison and head for the Mexican border. Along the way, they kill a Union courier bearing the news that the war is over. Keeping the message a secret, the captain has his men go on and they soon find themselves in a battle with the Union search party who also is unaware of the war's end.

During the Civil War Confederate soldiers escape from a Union prison and head for the Mexican border. Along the way they kill a Union courier who has a message that the war is over. Keeping... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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intuciic (fr) wrote: interesting story and good movie

Carl G (fr) wrote: Great Drama, Character Driven film! Did not know how this was going to end?

Ryan A (au) wrote: It's funny and has a heart. I'm a man. I don't cry. I cried during this movie though and I am happy toAdmit that!

Maranda F (nl) wrote: This was interesting. The only real good part was the ending. Cole Hauser is cute.

Pierric D (ca) wrote: Slightly better than expected, Milla Jovovitch does a good job (Denise Richards however is not very convincing at all)

Jennifer M (us) wrote: Kind of funny but mainly Matthew McConaughey being dumb

Issac C (au) wrote: I KNOW THAT IT'S LAME ALRIGHT BUT I'M A SUCKER FOR IT. I thought this movie was very good and fun to watch, and I also thought it had good drama.

Debby R (it) wrote: Just the second movie of the series. Good for kids.

Will D (es) wrote: Brilliant. demands a lot of patience but it's well worth it. A priest is wracked with spiritual torment over his morality and duties to his flock.

cli o (it) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Ian M (ru) wrote: peter o'toole is amazing

Jonathan D (gb) wrote: This is a terrible John Wayne film. It has a stupid love story, Way too Long at 2 1/2 hours and almost Zero Plot. It was probably neat to see the African Landscape in1962. I love John Wayne films, but not this piece of elephant dung!

David J (us) wrote: Billy Bob Thornton's big-screen directorial debut, "Sling Blade," is a sweet, funny, and slow-burning Southern drama with a big heart (unlike "Forrest Gump") that proved Thornton a great director and performer. I must warn, though, this is a slow film at an already-staggering 2 hours. If you get bored easily, "Sling Blade" is not for you.

Alan N (de) wrote: One of the best from the franchise. Great acting, great screenplay, complex plotting. A fitting end for the original crew.

Charles S (gb) wrote: Simultaneously sad and adorable