A Ton of Luck

A Ton of Luck

The story, based on true events occurred in Colombia en May 2003, tells the dreams and adventures of Porras, Venegas, Lloreda and Perlaza, four of the 147 soldiers that were in a company of the anti-guerrilla "Destroyer" battalion. It begun when these soldiers found in the middle of the jungle, during a rescue mission, 46 million dollars inside a FARC "guaca". Instead of give it to the Government, they take it all for themselves instead. They desperate when realize that they're completely isolated because the bridge, the only way to return to civilization, has been blown up. Everything's ironic, almost surreal: These soldiers don't have food, water, or toilet paper, but they sleep on their dollar-ful bags. This discovery will change their lives forever, and will allow them to have everything they've dreamt about: some authority, power and respect, others help their families and have a no-longer poor life. Their big challenge: return to civilization and make their dreams come true.

Based on a true story, a group of 147 overworked and underpaid Colombian soldiers find the treasure they didn't seek; $46 million. The film is a surreal black comedy and follows 4 of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Reed M (gb) wrote: Every other year or so, the "faith vs. reason" discourse-dinosaur rears its tired, old head into the mists of public consciousness. Watch this doc. Ride the dinosaur.

Jacek K (it) wrote: Don't bother, a waste of time.

Peter J (it) wrote: Non-typical Bollywood movie from the makers of the Shahrukh Khan hit "Chak De! India": It tells a straight-forward story and doesn't feature any big production numbers. The acting is among the finest I've seen in current Hindi movies - subdued and sensitive, entirely devoid of flashy caricatures. The values driven home by Sikh 'undercover entrepeneur' Rocket Singh (particularly strong: Ranbir Kapoor) are basic as well (honesty wins, even among computer salespeople). But they do work - in the movie, and (hopefully) in real life.

Jochen W (ca) wrote: Wow ... eine narzisstische Egoshow von Auteur/DirActor Hector Echavarria, fr die sich sogar Steven Seagal in Grund und Boden schmen wrde. Irgendwo zwischen einem langen Werbespot und einem Bodybuilding-Softporno.

Alex R (es) wrote: This rates amongst the worst movies ever........it's terrible

TTT C (mx) wrote: (***): Thumbs Up Interesting and well-directed.

Aniko V (ag) wrote: the start of a relationship, really well told in beautiful pictures. Anouk Aimee is magical.

Timon G (es) wrote: The best of the features, every time I wet the bed laughing.

Clive T (br) wrote: Just shows the critics can get it wrong. It is what it is, a slight story with loads of off the wall characters and a great feel good film. Fantastic music and extremely watchable.

Mike C (de) wrote: This could have been so much more but ultimately falls short of the mark. The Hendrix estate forbid use of Jimi's music without their influence on the film. Consequently all the music is covers and tuning exercises. Historic musical events in England are accounted for but its more bullet points than a linear story.