A Touch of Zen

A Touch of Zen

Ming dynasty noblewoman Yang must escape from the evil eunuch Hsu. She seeks refuge at a decrepit town where she gets assistance from a naive scholar & a group of mysterious yet powerful monks.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1971
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:epic,   asian,   sword,  

An artist, Ku, lives with his mother near an abandoned fort, reputed to be haunted. One night, investigating strange noises, he meets the beautiful Yang who is living there. She is being ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jared M (mx) wrote: NOT available for membership accounts: Netflix or Amazon Prime!

Danielle W (us) wrote: Really great movie. I could watch it over n over.

Randy C (au) wrote: it's ok if you're bored on a weekday night. poor man's disaster movie, decent.

Shane M (nl) wrote: Emotional and funny. It's more focused on friendship and telling the truth.

Admiral Face Punch (fr) wrote: No, this looks about as exciting as orphans boxing, and they're all sickly.

Alexander C (br) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.

Diana S (es) wrote: [b]It Runs in the Family[/b] was pretty lame to have so much talent attached to it. All the Douglas' and a Culkin, I mean, come on. A dysfunctional family has to learn to get along. You've seen it all before and done better. [b]Rabid[/b] is just further proof that David Cronenberg ("Eastern Promises") is a genius. This is of his early still mostly horror days, but it's moody and creepy. There are zombie-like vampires and a piercing nipple. Some parts are very disgusting. Some parts are funny. But it does contain one of his running themes, how technology can turn man into a monster. Very interesting.

Brad S (es) wrote: I've loved this film since it first came out in 1992. It's NOT a Dead Poets Society look-a-like, even though on the surface it might appear to be. Strong performances from Brendan Fraser, Matt Damon and Chris O'Donnell. There's just something about the world created in this drama that struck a chord with me.

Msdee G (ag) wrote: Loved it and i just love Prince

Tyler (de) wrote: Quite a few funny one liners, but there are some parts that are a little stail. I think johnny yune just has a funny aura about him. Anywho I enjoyed it. Probably better watched when drunk or high though.

Blais E (br) wrote: A slow-moving, basically plotless movie (If there is one, it's hard to find, as all the actors speak gibberish-), the lesser follow-up to Hammer Studios' earlier "One Milluion Years B.C.", again detailing the exploits of a young, barely-clad cavewoman (Playboy Playmate Victoria Vetri) in an inhospitable land of horny cavemen and hungry dinos. What makes the film bearable are the superb stop-motion effects generated by under-rated Ray Harryhausen acolyte Jim Danforth (Some great dinosaurs, giant marauding sand-crabs, a beached Plesiosaurus, and an aggressive Pterosaur-), and the ample amounts of feminine pulchritude proudly on display generously provided by Vetri, Imogen Hassall, and the big and beautiful Magda Konopka. A fun Saturday afternoon diversion.

Gregory W (ca) wrote: good stuff but seems familiar

Simon D (it) wrote: Overall it's a fairly silly horror but, to begin with, I thought that it might be better as the acting wasn't bad, the soundtrack was interesting, and the direction was quirky. Also to it's credit is that the old horror cliche of the mutilated man who just refuses to die situation was not just confined to running around a dark house, tripping up and forgetting how to get back up again sort of thing. There was a bit more to it than others in this mould but still it's not a good film.