A Walk on the Moon

A Walk on the Moon

The world of a young housewife is turned upside down when she has an affair with a free-spirited blouse salesman.

USA| summer of 1969. Man is about to walk on the moon| the Vietnam War is breaking out| and there is the great concert in Woodstock. In a holiday camp for Jewish
families not far from Woodstock| Alison and her family are on vacation. Pearl| the mother is young and attractive| but defeated by life| having become pregnant on
her first loving relationship| forgetting her dreams to devote herself to her children. Marty| the father is absent because he is busily occupied working at a
television repair business. One day a charming salesman arrives at the camp| selling clothes and knick-knacks. He lives an intense life of love and passion|
culminating in an escape to Woodstock with Pearl| where events have a deep impact. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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william m (br) wrote: An unlikely indie that is both silly and charming.

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pat w (ru) wrote: A good story and film, which is underated. Good performance by Kiefer..and sad.

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mike G (jp) wrote: Very cool to see to some of the real special ops footage. Also, I really enjoyed learning about Rob Perilli, the fallen green beret and how his family was able to get closure from Alex Quade's mission.

kk f (kr) wrote: I loved it. you'll get attached to the characters and the twist at the end had me on the edge

john p (us) wrote: This is a fantastic movie, especially to fans of David Lynch during the 90's (think Lost Highway). This is the kind of director that we need now because Lynch doesn't have too much time left. I highly recommend.

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ivan s (es) wrote: Faith is so personal and I applaud these people for telling their heartbreaking stories.

david s (kr) wrote: Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates had this to say about the film:"'Danger Close' is a gripping story of courage, loss and love as we witness first-hand graphic portrayals of combat operations and a dedicated journalist's determination to bring closure to the family of a soldier killed in action. The courage of the troops in action -- and of the embedded journalist -- is evident, as is the deep sense of loss over an admired comrade. The story is a needed reminder of the many sacrifices of our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the brave journalists who accompanied them into battle

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