A Wicked Woman

A Wicked Woman

Offspring come to the rescue of a Southern woman (Mady Christians) who turned herself in after killing her abusive husband.

Naomi is almost to term with her fourth child when Ed decides to leave taking all their money and the oldest son Curtis. With the sheriff after him, he is in no mood to think of his family.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barry T (br) wrote: This was billed as a mamma mia 2 and even though the 80s soundtrack is excellant the rest of it is like Diana 2. Terrible casting terrible leads. Even Katy brand can't save this mess

Vincent T (nl) wrote: JCVD est un film authentique, sincere et touchant. J'adore, tout simplement !

cli o (au) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Shawn B (de) wrote: What do you get when you put Crispin Glover in a role that is almost eccentric as he is? Thats right, you get an incredibly quirky, odd, little, comedy with plenty of "WTF" moments! Crispin stars as Eddie, along side Jason Lee, who stars as Frank, two small town losers who just can't seem to make it. Neither can keep a job for long, nor do they want to work real hard when they have one. So they turn to a life of crime to make some easy money and to hopefully start a better or new life. Eddie appears to be Frank's henchmen through out this flick, but only because Frank has all the good ideas (if you can call them that). After agreeing to deliever a truck full of merchandise for Spider (played by the amazing and talented Pruitt Taylor Vince) their truck manages to catch fire and blow up. Now they're in to the local mob boss for $250,000! After a series of bad ideas, they think it would be a good idea to dig up the recently deceased wife of a local millionaire and hold the body for ransom. Another series of events, some twists, some turns, and more bad ideas, lead our two theives to discover that the now dead wife may not have died the way everyone thinks! With the help of friendly twin strippers and a barmaid from the local strip club, they put together the pieces surrounding this very funny mystery. The actors are all very good here, especially the main stars. Crispin, as always, outdoes himself and makes the character ten times better than if it were someone else. He owns the character and nearly steals the spotlight. He might of, had it not been for Mr. Jason Lee. I've said it before, I'll say it many many times, Jason Lee can do no wrong! If he has, I clearly haven't seen it (which is impossible, since I've seen everything he's been in). Frank is another great character of Jason's, in the vein of Brody Bruce, Banky Edwards, Jay Murphy, Skip Skipperton and John Plummer (huh, Ross)! Those two cats have definite chemestry and I would love to see them together in another flick. Brad Dourif has a small but memorable cameo as the morgue attendent. Michael Philip makes his directorial debut from a very witty and talented script co-written by himself, John Benjamin Martin and Paul Doiron. If you enjoy a good mystery, with a little creepiness and lots of laughs, I think you'll "dig" this little independent flick. Haha, "dig" he said.

Rodrigo B (it) wrote: One of those too-smart-for-its-own-good films. But in reality, this is one of Cronenberg's most ambitious and prophetic films; not simply about virtual reality but also about biotechnology and the modern/fundamental merging of human subjectivity with digital technology.

Greg W (it) wrote: stiff british cirme drama

stefano l (br) wrote: Quando il cinema italiano diceva qualcosa e produceva questi grandi film, con attori comici, ma di rilievo, capaci di far ridere senza volgarita' e in grado anche di far riflettere. Un film piacevolissimo, diretto da un grande regista, che lascia trasparire tutto quello che vuol dire essere italiani non senza un'autocritica nemmeno troppo velata all'italianita' e all'Italia stessa.

Richard F (de) wrote: Quirky but the lack of a direction detracts somewhat.

James H (it) wrote: At times hysterically funny, it's a clever parody with an impressive cast. It's meant to be stupid, and it certainly succeeds on that level! But, thats part of the fun of it. Some of the gags miss the mark, but enough work to make it worthwhile.

Stephen C (ru) wrote: Before Hammer became a touch desperate they made some really interesting films such as this one which has a serious Freudian undertoww admist all the gore and murder.Angharad Rees plays Anna the daughter of the Infamous Jack the Ripper who has inherited some of her fathers murderous intent and finds herself at the heart of a spate of brutal killings in Victorian London.Eric Porter is Dr Pritchard who is determined to use his new found science on Anna in order to get to the bottom of her brutal streak.The film works because its a serious gothic fantasy which asks probing questions about the human condidtion while adding lashings of good old Kensington Gore and finale set in St Pauls cathedral which brings the doctor and his patient closer together in their final death throes.Quite possibly outside the Dracula and Frankenstein films this is one of the best late period Hammer films ,its just a shame they finally added too much sex and not enough new ideas which would prove their undoing.

Michael T (us) wrote: Perfectly awful Mario Bava stab at a comic spaghetti western.

Damien B (kr) wrote: Stunning, gripping, unforgettable

Matthew L (jp) wrote: Casablanca with silicone, car chases, shoot outs and enough explosions to impress Michael Bay. Easily one of the worst comic book movies ever, not a redeeming feature in sight, unless your a 14 year old boy. Doesn't even fall into the 'so bad it's good category'.

Berni E (jp) wrote: Christopher Walken is great as always!!

Barbara B (br) wrote: Loved the storyline.

Dustin P (gb) wrote: Beautifully animated and very emotional. That being said, due to its emotional content, it's not a film I would want to watch over and over again.