A Wife Confesses

A Wife Confesses

Tied to a mountain between her brutalizing spouse and her secret lover, disaster strikes; the authorities accuse her of murder and prompt a confession.

Ayako is charged with murdering her much older academic husband while climbing a mountain. Ayako was having an affair, apparently with her husband's approval, and this complicates the trial. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brent S (de) wrote: I like Simon Pegg, but this was just so so.

Joseph C (ag) wrote: Excellent directing!

Lee M (us) wrote: There's an infectious energy to this quirky musical that almost balances out its slew of gay stereotypes. But Mendoza's sophomore attempt is not as good as his first -- 'Colma.'

Koji Y (us) wrote: This film is the definition of "Beautiful story." An emotional journey of a father who struggles to mend the relationship with his dying son. Zhang Yimou should keep making this kind of film instead of making wire action CGI bullshit action films with stories stolen from Akira Kurosawa.

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Desiray F (fr) wrote: I watched this when I was a kid. it made cry and I think It's a great movie!!

Martin D (nl) wrote: On his way to a robbery, Jack Charles liberates his teenaged daughter and young son trapped in an abusive foster home. Crusading reporter Kathleen Mercer becomes their ally and battles the corrupt... On his way to a robbery, Jack Charles liberates his teenaged daughter and young son trapped in an abusive foster home. Crusading reporter Kathleen Mercer becomes their ally and battles the corrupt foster care system. As dad races across the country evading the law, the Charleses learn to be the family they never were.

Steve M (au) wrote: What happens if you take a script for a half-hour "Outer Limits" episode and pad it to an 88-minute running time with establishing shots that go on forever, and scene after scene after scene of the main characters wandering about, driving around, or sitting around not doing much of anything? You get "End of the World", a film so utterly, mindnumbingly boring that if there was any point to it at all, you're not going to care. In "End of the World", a young scientist (Scott) recieves transmissions from space that warn of impending doom. He and his very gorgeous wife (Lyon) start to investigate... um... something. They eventually run into some aliens who want to return to their utopian homeworld, but who want to destroy the Earth before they do. And what does this have to do with the priest who causes coffeemakers to explode (Lee) and the nun he lives with at an isolated hacienda? Sit through all the padding and you'll find out. There are three worthwhile moments in this film: The first scene of the movie, the sequence where the aliens are revealed, and the movie's eerie climax where our scientist heroes watch the world come to an end on dozens of TV monitors. However, these moments are nowhere near exciting enough to warrant sitting through the boring, badly acted crap that seperates them. Unless you've dedicated yourself to seeing every movie Christopher Lee has appeared in, or you want to see what Lolita looked like 15 years later and without a lollipop, you'll do yourself a favor by skipping "End of the World". Even if you decide you MUST see this misbegotten excuse for a movie, make sure you get it in the 50-movie collection "Nightmare Worlds" . At least that way, you'll get your money's worth via the other films the set. End of the World Starring: Kirk Scott, Sue Lyon, Christopher Lee, Liz Ross, and Dean Jagger Director: John Hayes

Mark F (it) wrote: I love that a movie about murder is clean enough to be shown on a Sunday afternoon. I couldn't focus on it cos there was also football on and that took priority. Hence the low rating for now. I'll come back to it someday.

Jeannie S (de) wrote: sounds like a good movie...ANYONE SEE THIS YET??

Anders A (gb) wrote: A docu following the elites of bodybuilding early on. Giving dead on insight to the scene and how it really is behind the curtain. Thus not putting any critically interference about steoroids and nutrition.

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