A Yank in Libya

A Yank in Libya

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:67 minutes
  • Release:1942
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:spy,   reporter,   hotel,  

American correspondent Mike Malone uncovers a Nazi plot for an uprising of the Arab tribes in Lybia. Pursued by Sheik David and his men, Mike takes refuge in the suite of Nancy Brooks, who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Yank in Libya torrent reviews

Bonnie G (es) wrote: Do not waste your time

Robert V (it) wrote: Some decent action sequences and unintentionally funny moments elevate this film to a potential future cult curiosity. I saw it dubbed in English, which makes it like most other martial arts movies, only the actors don't look chinese.

Cylus O (ca) wrote: An Australian film about surfing, coming of age, and life. The movie had a raw natural feel to it that I really liked. It was a good movie with surprisingly good acting.

Tess M (ca) wrote: a good movie about a child that loses her grandfather and and she is from africa and she is living with a swedish guy that is trying to figure out how things works, if you know swedish it is a good family movie, about friendship and to belong somewhere,

intuciic (de) wrote: very interesting, unusuall movie.. kinda strange but that is what gives special charm to it :)

Greg W (mx) wrote: gr8 pic about a marriage falling apart

Spencer B (nl) wrote: Not as bad as some people say, but it's still missing some of the magic of the earlier movies.

Geanine H (br) wrote: All I can do is echo the sentiments in Rex Reed's review ( New York Observer, 2002): "I watched the brainless insanity of No Such Thing with mounting disbelief..."

David L (mx) wrote: completely underated movie, destined to be a cult classic....you won't be sorry

rub s (kr) wrote: great movie. you can find funny the way how characters mix the bad side and the good side.

Cissy Y (fr) wrote: The book is even better!

Kjetil H (gb) wrote: Utrolig fete saker.Phillip Glass sine tonersammen med kamera,uten en eneste forstyrrende kommentar,gjr dette til en helt personlig greie.DEILG

Patrick M (ru) wrote: A pretty mediocre western. It wasn't a complete waste of time, mostly because Terence Hill and Henry Fonda, and the music, too. But it was very thin on plot.

Wendy Y (ru) wrote: If you can get over Marlon Brando's accent this is actually a fantastic film. Who knew Red Button could play a role that wasn't a farce? Ricardo Montalban as an asian is pretty damn hilarious. I think for a movie from 1957, they portrayed interracial couples truthfully. I wonder if this is the first interracial on screen kiss? They did a great job in casting. There was no love story, it was just infatuation that instantly became 'a love' no indecision at all. Sort of like committing to a path, the be all end all. No bull shit in between. I like it.