A Zed & Two Noughts

A Zed & Two Noughts

Oliver Deuce, a successful doctor, is shattered when his wife is killed in a freak car accident involving a car being driven by Alba Bewick colliding with a very large rare bird. His twin brother Oswald is researching how carcasses decay at the local zoo. Alba survives the accident although she loses one leg, and her sinister physician eventually removes the other 'because it looked so sad all alone'. Oswald and Oliver become involved in a menage a trois with Alba, and uncover very dubious trafficking in zoo property. But ultimately their only goal is to try and understand their mortal condition.

Oliver Deuce, a successful doctor, is shattered when his wife is killed in a freak car accident involving the car being driven by Alba Bewick colliding with a very large rare bird. His twin... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wu L (ag) wrote: Lucas Jade Zumann is growing on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cannot believe a 15-year-old boy can be such talented in acting. it's just so natural for him.

Vasco M (nl) wrote: Spud's narrative tries too hard to be fancy to the point of sometimes looking like a try-hard, but despite that and the corn factor, the movie is so relateable and well performed that it's worth a watch.

Amanda T (de) wrote: Great movie, great scenery. The thought the last 20 mins would never end.

Lyn S (ru) wrote: I like a good ghost story!

WS W (es) wrote: Don't judge a book by its cover, don't judge a film by its synopsis.

Adam R (ru) wrote: (First and only viewing - 2/15/2011)

Nelson M (jp) wrote: Man of Iron is one of the greatest political films of all time. Serving as an allegory to Lech Walesa's rise with the Polish Solidarity movement, Man of Iron goes back and forth in time in order to tell us the story of Tomczyk and his rise to prominence against the Communist regime in Poland. The structure of the film is a lot like Citizen Kane as it is told through a series of interviews about the so called Man of Iron's life and works. As a reflection to Lech Walesa, who is in the film, it works immensely and tells a fascinating political story of hope and solidarity with all workers. This is a film not to be missed and should be watched when given the chance.

Craig M (br) wrote: Everyone is sexless except Laura Mars; this, despite the sex and violence angle of her photographs and the constant nudity of the models within the film. Maybe this was shocking "back in the day"?

Byron B (it) wrote: Will always be remembered as the flick Dillinger saw the night he was shot and killed. It deserves another look though. It does include some features that are worth remembering for posterity. Rodgers's and Hart's tune Blue Moon, here with different lyrics identifying it as The Bad in Every Man, is sung in The Cotton Club and later is played in the background of the prison scene. A thirteen-year-old Mickey Rooney plays the younger version of Clark Gable's character. Several leisure activities of the early 20's are shown, such as going to boxing matches, horse races, and hockey games. Spud (Pendleton) and Annabelle (Jewell) are a comic couple as a lunkhead bruiser and ditzy moll. The characters are all easily recognized types, but they are entertainingly used to tell the story. I love the way dialog sounds in these movies of the 1930's. The leads, Gable, Loy, and Powell deliver lots of witty repartee. We start in 1904 on New York's Eastside on a big wheel paddle-boat. Blackie (Rooney) is always looking to have fun, win bets, and protect smaller kids from big bullies. Jim (Butler) is studious and cautious, yet will join his friend Blackie in fighting off bullies. A fluke tragedy strikes and we see the first instance of melodrama with the boys crying as they become orphans. Sixteen years later in 1920, Blackie (Gable) owns a speakeasy gambling joint and Jim (Powell) has earned a law degree. Blackie is still endlessly lucky and crime seems to have paid for him. Jim is about to be elected District Attorney, and a couple years later he'll become New York's Governor. They maintain their friendship until Blackie's crooked ways make it impossible for Jim to look the other way. Myrna Loy as Eleanor starts as Blackie's flame, but once she meets the impossibly principled Jim, she gives up the riches and good times Blackie offered her for the domestic life of a political figure's wife. Courtesy of the Hays Code the ending and in fact many of the scenes seem to be playing it incredibly safe. It doesn't feel real that Blackie and Jim sustain such charismatic class as, respectively, a sacrificial lamb and an unimpeachable upholder of the law. The movie does do a lot of things right though.

Livvie H (de) wrote: Best family movie ever!!

Kevin N (nl) wrote: A good film, slightly tarnished by some cgi that didn't always look real.

Carol H (gb) wrote: I used to kind of like Gene Kelly. But after watching some of his movies back-to-back, I can't shake the feeling that he was self-centered and narcissistic.

bill s (jp) wrote: Shocking even as you know what's about to unfold.