Aa Dekhen Zara

Aa Dekhen Zara

A photographer (Ray) has nothing going for him, until he inherits a camera from his grandfather. This changes his life in a way that he could not have ever imagined in his wildest dreams.

A photographer (Ray) has nothing going for him, until he inherits a camera from his grandfather. This changes his life in a way that he could not have ever imagined in his wildest dreams. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graham B (de) wrote: In a private Palm Springs Resort, a recently outed soap actor and a gay marriage advocate collide. Initially their situations make them repel against each other, but after making their peace and realizing their aligned aituations they hook up and their secrets divulge an even closer bond.This film should be all shades of cheesy, but the dialogue between, what is basically a 2 man play, is exceptional. It handles the issues very neatly without being all placard waving. It ends up being a very nice romance with a script that talks about issues intelligently. The leads have a very nice chemistry and the finale is nicely formed. my only issue is the length of Steve Callaghan's armpit hair which, considering his hairless body, is ridiculously long. Also the amount of time they spend naked, there is no full frontal. It gets Austin Powers at times. It's not like it was ever classed in a rating.

Leena A (mx) wrote: These kinds of movie's with poor acting and scences of horribly performed action stunts make me question the Bollywood film industry's idea's. The storyline is weak, the acting is poor in all circumstances, definatley not a good wholesome family indian film. Lately Akshay Kumar seems to be taking up every film offer that is given to him without even reading the story line! Maybe if he did, none of these waste's of time, money and alot of film wouldn't exist. Kareena Kapoor's performances always dissapoint. I mean without a rich family and her good looks she would get no-where in Bollywood, i tell you now. I highly disagree with anyone who thinks this is a good movie, because in my eyes it's a disgrace to Bollywood, and Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar's downturn in their career.

Socrates C (mx) wrote: Not as interesting as Saw iv but it's another great chapter of the series.

Molly R (ag) wrote: This movie, based on a short story by Maeve Binchy, is predictable, but it is moving and heartwarming. A great feel good story.

David L (es) wrote: James and the Giant Peach is visually accomplished and it is good for children, but it is a slight stuff owing to a not so memorable music, very uninteresting and weird characters, uneven storytelling, silly approach, shallow center and it ultimately feels like one of those countless dated children's films from the nineties.

Mariano C (jp) wrote: after hardboiled, this movie just wasn't that good. it takes forever for something to actually happen. when they say city war, they mean several people doing things totally un-war like. don't be fooled by the opening, its not that good all the way through

Louise B (nl) wrote: Love this installment of the Sherlock Holmes with Rathbone and Bruce. The story is great and you have no idea where the twists and turns are going to take you! I love it when disguises are involved in the Holmes movies because they really do a great job with them. Maybe it's just the black and white but I can almost never tell it's the same person! This is to me the darkest and saddest of the Holmes films I've seen. There are more deaths than most and the sad aspect of the daughter of the inn keeper being murdered and him getting revenge. This was also a better developed plot than most others. All in all it was one of my favorites! :)

Latanya T (us) wrote: I'm not sure what to think of the film. On one hand if I were to believe it was an up to date homage to "A Street Car Named Desire' then the film was well done, but as far as the underlying message, or what the writer and director were trying to convey to the audience, I feel that I was left hanging, especially at the end.

Spartacus E (br) wrote: Who knew terrorism could be so hilarious?

Becs D (it) wrote: One I've watched a few times, but love the grittyness of the film. Scary in a real life type of way, a must see if you haven't watched it

Facebook U (ru) wrote: This film is much too much like a remake of Superman. Alien with superpowers coming to him at teen age while being chased by other aliens. The same guys were behind Smallville and it shows. Smallville was well done and might as well watch that. The number four has good effects of course and at the beginning it looked like it was going to be original. The superpowers ruined the tension. It was not going to be subtil and smart.

Derek B (es) wrote: Anyone that would critic this film against the likes of a Blazing Saddles clearly doesn't get the point. This is what I call a burner film; it's even more of a spoof than most spoofs. We're not talking Young Frankenstein where there is clearly respect for the original tale, or Robin Hood: MIT where they're just having a blast. This film makes the ridiculous of Star Wars even more so, and takes some shots that are great. I love this movie.

eric E (gb) wrote: This not intellectual stupid dull movie only consists of 3 things. They are violence language and hell of a lot of drugs