Shankar (Mahesh Babu) is an orphan who is adopted by a sincere police officer (Rajendra Prasad). But he is forced to leave and become a cop on his own. Shankar is a powerful police officer who uses unconventional methods to bring criminals to justice. He is posted to a village where Damodhar (Sonusood) is building a power plant, which is fiercely opposed by the locals. Shankar finds a personal connection after going to the village. Rest of the story is all about how Shankar sets everything right.

An encounter specialist is transferred as CI to a village which is dominated by a local goon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Aagadu torrent reviews

Thomas B (kr) wrote: Grade - B'Blood Father' tells a cliche story but puts an interesting twist on it, and features some fun action as well as a fantastically unhinged performance from Mel Gibson, even if the rest of the performances aren't quite on the same level.

Chris C (ru) wrote: this made Steve Austin look bad and that just can't be allowed.

Trevor M (kr) wrote: This movie wasn't without its problems, but it definitely doesn't deserve the 14% rating it's received on Rotten Tomatoes.

Lora R (ca) wrote: I think I watched the dubbed Tamil version called "Nandhu" before, because I remember a lot of the story and some members of the cast too. I don't remember the hero, Mahesh Babu, though.Athadu is a good movie and has a different story. It doesn't bore you like the usual love clich stories, because there is some thrill in it and it also has a plot twist.The reason why I don't give it a high rating is because I already knew how the movie would end and that took the thrill away. But nonetheless, Athadu is a good movie to watch.

Jason C (au) wrote: This is the second in the trilogy and it is quite a bit better than the first. The dialogue has more layers to it along with the characters since the time has passed and their lives have changed. It is also shorter so it moves along at such a better pace that when the ending pops up on you it will have you wanting to watch the third one immediately. The acting is better by Hawke in this one as well. Julie Delpy is great again and unbelievably beautiful....that hurts nothing. Make sure to watch the first one before.

Mark N (au) wrote: It looks good and has a competent storyline and actors but so many of the scenes lack any spark of originality. The self narration and trench-coats attempt to ape Sin-City or a 40's detective drama but are misplaced in a modern action flick. The worst crime is they waste diverse locations for action scenes, filled with useful objects an unarmed killer might use to defend himself, that our antihero totally fails to exploit until the end of each fight when he notices a handy object for a finishing move.. you scream at the screen "Pick something up for god sake: you are in a kitchen.. pick up a knife. You are in a garage, pick up a hammer or something!"

Jay B (br) wrote: I saw this movie when it first came out on video back in 93/94. It was good. I saw it again a little over 6 months ago, and it was still good.

Allan C (br) wrote: "The Mod Squad" meets "Miami Vice" in this Michael Mann produced film, which was originally an unsuccessful TV pilot that was later released as a theatrical film. Not all that good, but it does have camp value. The real star of the film is Laurence Fishburne's hair cut.

Becca W (nl) wrote: Subtle and brilliant.

Bob W (es) wrote: Doesn't pull any punches, scathing in its assault on the cover up of a murder. Works as a political thriller as well as historical piece. Just when you think it is coming to a predictable finish, the anti-fascist ending abruptly brings it back to reality.

Tony L (nl) wrote: best film iv ever seen, james booth (hookie) is great, Stanley baker, nigel green are on top form, always worth watching.

Alejandro E (br) wrote: Intenso Frank Sinatra en el papel de un musico drogadicto que debe batallar contra sus demonios. El score de jazz es genial.

Iy B (de) wrote: One of my all time fav. Movies

Lindsey L (jp) wrote: This movie is a great moving that tells a story that teaches people that knowing the person you love by calling them your best friends makes a happy ending. Marriages work by knowing who the other person really is and excepting and loving that person , therefore, being their best friend. This movie examples that having a husband or wife and kids is a happy ending when you truly love the person you are with. ???