A man returns from vacation to find that his family has been kidnapped. He is handed over a cell phone, the caller on which gives him a set of instructions that he must follow to save his family. However, he soon realizes that he has been implicated in a bombing.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:111 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
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Aamir comes to Chennai with great hope but he becomes a pawn in the hands of a mysterious man who kidnaps his family and forces him to do what he wants. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (au) wrote: It is absolutely amazing what the filmmakers have managed to put together with this microbudget film. This is a film that is lower than low budget and yet it manages to overcome its shortcomings thanks to amazing work from Director Justin McConnell and DP Pasha Patriki. Even the FX both physical and digital (yes there's even digital FX in this film as subtle as they are) are well done. The Collapsed isn't without problems though. The acting ranges from very good to feeling forced but it never comes across as campy (which is either good or bad depending on your preferences). The story is ok and considering this is post apocalyptic fare done on a very limited budget, what they pull off without being able to close roads, etc. is amazing. Where many find fault is in the attempt at creating suspense. The film is essentially only suspense as there is very little payoffs. This works at first imo but without really good payoffs, the audience has a tendency to get a little bored. Some of this seems to be decisions based on budget constraints and what the filmmakers felt they could achieve with what they had available to them but others are clearly part of the story as a whole.Something that can be said is that despite the aspects that might find themselves used extensively in art film The Collapsed never goes overboard with pretensive ideas and keeps the film as simple as possible and grounded in a way that's similar to the television show Lost.The Collapsed isn't a great and entertaining film but it isn't a bad watch at all. I'd say it's more a show piece of the talents of those involved and shows that these guys and gals might be able to create something truly magical given the necessary resources.

Petros T (it) wrote: Gus Van Sant goes surprisingly deep into the thoughts of a confused teenager and directs a complete study on guilt with absolute realism. The thriller part isn't fascinating, but overall "Paranoid Park" is a rewarding experience thanks to the gradual unveiling of the truth, the great editing, the interesting performance of Gabe Nevins and the unadorned ending.

Ross H (de) wrote: Enjoyed this a lot more than I expected to. There's a healthy dose of decent one liners and gags in general and the director/writer is clearly going for a Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker feel which is not always successful but manages to hit the mark often enough. Worth keeping an eye on the tv schedules for.

Clay B (us) wrote: LADY IN CEMENT (1968)

Rob L (br) wrote: Great story, real unique, must see.

Ada D (de) wrote: This is a beautiful Documentary about the amazing, exciting and dangerous world that is Cirque du Soleil. James Cameron brings us a stunning visual masterpiece. If you have a love and passion or interest in circus performances or ballet and art then this is not a film you should pass up.

Matthew S (ag) wrote: While it might not be the best of John Cassavetes' work, there is something really extraordinary about "Love Streams." It is unexpected to see him attempt a movie that plays around so much with 'style' and more than a little Surrealism. It sometimes feels like much of the "avant-garde" is mix of intention and budget limitations. This might be his most experimental film. Some times this movie soars, other times it stumbles. The thrills and flaws are equally interesting to watch. Cassavetes's "Robert" is a bit of cliche. A street smart "ladies man" who is out to work every angle to his advantage. Robert's interesting flaw is that he is aware that he has become a cliche and a train wreck. When his estranged sister arrives at his door with a car full of luggage that seems to never end. Robert's sister, Sarah, has a lot of baggage. Fighting to save her dead marriage and secure custody of her daughter she is more of a mess than her brother. As was often the case, Gena Rowland is the magic core of the movie. She plays this character with a desperate and sometimes manic energy. We are never sure if "Sarah" is sane or more than a little crazy. But we do come to understand something about her that is essential. Among a cast of "lost" characters who form her family, she might be the most "eccentric" and "unhinged" --- she contains a truth of identity, family and life: She understand the all importance of "love." As she says during one of her desperate rants to save her family she tells us that "love streams." It just streams and we need to follow it's current. In another magical scene she desperately tries to crack a smile from her annoyed daughter and frustrated soon-to-be ex-husband. Robert and Sarah are lost, but not without hope. Hope offered by the possibility of love. Of course, this was always Cassavetes career-long theme: Characters seeking, needing and demanding love. In the world of "Love Streams" love may not be attainable, but no one has a choice but to reach for it. As Cassavetes leads us to a truly "operatic" crescendo, we can't help but be entranced. It may not qualify as a true cinematic masterpiece, but this is an important film. Most especially for those of us who love John Cassavetes and his muse, Gena Rowlands, -- this movie is essential Film Art.

Knox M (ca) wrote: Next to Vertigo, Marnie is Hitchcock's most depressing and tragic film.

tp b (ru) wrote: Luckily I'm a disturbed Star Trek fan so I can give this movie one star all because of George Takei haha.

Adam R (br) wrote: Newlyweds Monica (Judith Speidel) and Mike (Herbert Herman) run afoul of an illegal organ ring when Mike is kidnapped by two corrupt paramedics while the two are staying at a shabby honeymoon motel. Monica seeks refuge with Bill (Wolf Roth), an itinerant but sympathetic trucker who agrees to help Monica track down the thieves and restore her husband to her. Though it's set in New Mexico (and, in the final act, in New York), "Spare Parts" presents a terrifying reality that surely confronted denizens of Europe ("Parts" was a German production) as communism reduced what could have been developed nations into Third World countries. A black-market organ trade might seem far-fetched in the U.S., but consider what happens when poverty seizes what once was an auspicious economy: Every class is affected, with even the wealthy willing to pay top-dollar for scarce goods; human body parts would be no different. Given America's struggle with stagflation when "Parts" was made, its vision of the force of struggling capitalism ensnaring even human health makes the film a forceful take on horror not seen in a realm that typically houses Michael Myers.

WS W (us) wrote: I found it boring...... I still do.