A 1993 Bollywood Comedy starring Govinda and Chunky Pandey. This movie kick started a long line of Comedy movies for Govinda.

Two wealthy buffoons, Munnu and Bunnu, get involved in a conspiracy to replace a Chief Minister with a lookalke by some corrupt government officials. Meanwhile, Munnu's identical cousin, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexandra N (de) wrote: An indie slant on Sci Fi. Good pace and story arc, well acted, interesting characters, I liked the exploration of the interplay between faith and science but it was a bit too cerebral to be totally compelling. It feels like this film is making an intellectual point rather than telling a story. Liked it but not as much as 'another earth'.

Angie M (ca) wrote: It was somewhat enjoyable for its meta-film gimmicks, which are heralded by the twenty or so "special appearances" by actors, filmmakers, and other BW celebrities. However, those quickly became dull halfway through the movie, and there wasn't even a particularly original or emotionally gripping central storyline to make up for it. I was far more interested when the movie focused on the "lesser characters" - the ones who work behind the scenes (shown in the opening montage, for example), the tabloid columnist, the assistant dance director, etc., - than the types on the top rung who have been parodied before, and yet weren't shown in a particularly novel manner in this movie. Konkona was as usual great, but Farhan does an equally swell job playing the opportunistic go-getter.

Di P (au) wrote: I really hate this movie

Peter S (gb) wrote: Special message for those who want to make movies when they grow up. Have you ever wondered what happens when a solid cast (except for the leading actress) participates in a plot that goes nowhere? Watch "My blueberry nights" and you will get the answer.

Kade C (kr) wrote: While having very exciting action sequences and a few scenes that are very important to the remainder of the series, Goblet of Fire is overall an unimportant edition. The games overtake the majority of the move and add nothing to the overall story.

Jude L (gb) wrote: the book is so much better

Darrin R (de) wrote: God this movie took me back. 1984 - LOVED IT oh and the movie wasn't bad either. It was a perfect recreation of the sounds and look of the time, it was me all over.

Camei R (es) wrote: Did anyone else know that someone made a Ferngully 2?

Melanie F (de) wrote: I thought it was cooler when I saw it in the theater as a teenager. Now it's just kinda sad.