Aapa Akka

Aapa Akka

The film traces the journey of a young girl, Reshma and her search for her personal God. Although a Muslim, she is fascinated by the true story of a 12th century Hindu poetess saint Akka ...

The film traces the journey of a young girl, Reshma and her search for her personal God. Although a Muslim, she is fascinated by the true story of a 12th century Hindu poetess saint Akka ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Becky B (it) wrote: For some reason I liked this. Don't ask me why, but I thought it was pretty decent. It starts off AWFUL, but she learns a lesson as the story goes on which surprised me, considering how kids films are now. Sure, the film was silly, but it managed to get my emotions at one point when she is all alone and that song starts playing.

Alexis R (kr) wrote: The Shock Labyrinth Movie Review!Oh my god. I came in ready to completely hate this movie due to the bad rating that Netflix gave it. But no. I am completely perplexed as to how I feel about this movie.The premise is thus: We see some children entering an undefined place. Then we cut to several teenagers who suddenly see the return of a long lost friend (by the looks of it). Hi-jinks ensue.The movie is definitely not for those who are expecting a straightforward answer. There is much confusion and questions that sometimes are not thoroughly explained the best of ways. To me, this is a very artsy movie; and not a bad one at that.The acting is decent, the visuals are great (until some little parts) and the story-line is more than impressive. You may argue that you can walk away not understand the finale, but if you pay attention, you can walk out lightly doubting. Even I did.As much as I liked it, I will not deny the confusion is overwhelming. And humanely, it can be annoying to be so lost. But I digress.I give this movie a 8 out of 10. (4 stars.)

Antonio T (au) wrote: Es increible ver como an con tantos actores excelentes; el director Don Scaldino no logr hacer nada interesante con ellos, es una pelcula lenta, con 2 que 3 gags buenos en TODA la pelcula, y en resumen bizarra. Es una mezcolanza de humor en extremo extrao y una monotona constantemente presente. Que lastima, pudo haber sido una comedia muy bien hecha; pero eso pasa cuando el director es un completo pelele.

D V (nl) wrote: I found this flick to be quite entertaining and action-packed despite being skeptical of its plot at first.

Alexander H (au) wrote: Others here have said it, and yes, this is absolutly 'Rear Window' with man-eating monsters. I do have to give the film some credit, though, for at one point actually admitting the similarity. Apart from the 2-D characters and predictable plot, the biggest tragedy here is that Lance Henriksen has once again assosiated himself with a below-average horror film. Like Robert Englund before him, I'm afraid this excellent actor may have typecast himself into inferior roles.

Ronny S (ag) wrote: Driven by drugs and desire Paid in full is something that goes over the hills but comes crashing down to the pits with nothing else but a dose of reality.

Donald Z (fr) wrote: This could be one of the best movies ever. Maybe.

Maurie M (au) wrote: Loved it. Funny, original and Clive Owen, what more could a girl ask for?

bill s (ca) wrote: I love cheese but trying to hard to sell that cheese is worse than just plain old bad horror.

Harry L (ru) wrote: A really good film, worth the watch.Gotta love the one liners :D

John W (kr) wrote: Simply the greatest action film ever made.

Maria S (jp) wrote: john travolta ...filmes legal !!!!!!marcou uma poca e at hoje e sempre !!!!!

Maggie B (it) wrote: What's not to love about "Chauncey Gardener." A rather fine film.

Andy T (it) wrote: Goldfinger presents one of the better Bond villains in the venerable series, and with Sean Connery's suave and charismatic portrayal, it succeeds with many trademarks of the series, especially the car and gadgets and even the ridiculous plan by the titular villain.

Jonathan G (au) wrote: This movie took a couple of sittings to get through. It's not the most fast-paced relational drama, but it does get better toward the end. Octavia Spencer brings some cute humour and the young, Jillian Estell (Eloise) does a fine job as the center of attention. There were some clever undertones that outwit the stereotypes the movie banks on. It's enjoyable enough for one viewing.

Mark R (gb) wrote: Would have gotten higher rating if the end didn't suck so bad.

andy b (nl) wrote: Just wow. I'm dreaming of what could have been.

Christopher B (br) wrote: epic storytelling with two acting giants playing off each other in just a wide landscape...great departure for both leads

BJ P (fr) wrote: ...??? strange movie... but it left somethin in my mind...

Djarn N (br) wrote: Pretty good quality Graphics / Textures let down by choppy animation and storyline.Too much going on and in almost every frame something stupid happening, generally a character doing something clumsy.I can only think the people involved in making this were jacked up on too much sugar and caffeine, maybe too much energy drinks?