An ancient palatial house, believed to be occupied by a vengeful spirit of a Courtesan named Nagavalli, is purchased by an Engineer, Ramesh, and his wife, Ganga. While exploring their new ...

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Kannada
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An ancient palatial house, believed to be occupied by a vengeful spirit of a Courtesan named Nagavalli, is purchased by an Engineer, Ramesh, and his wife, Ganga. While exploring their new ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Omer M (it) wrote: Very funny indeed. Good time pass. Recommended ;)

Perrine B (de) wrote: Honor begins at home.Quatre officiers intgres font de leur mieux pour exercer leur rle de policier. Mais quand un malheur personnel frappe l'un d'eux, ils remettent en cause leurs places de pres et de maris dans leurs foyers, et dcident de passer un pacte devant Dieu pour tre meilleurs.Voici un film typiquement amricain qui dnote compltement du cinma habituel local. Le dbut passe bien et est relativement classique, mais aprs 20 minutes la tournure pro-Dieu devient flagrante et plutt exagre. Rien d'tonnant quand on sait que le ralisateur est un pasteur dont la volont est de faire passer la bonne parole de Dieu dans tous ses films. N'empche, le message est positif et leur volont d'tre de bons parents est tout fait respectable. Si on enlve la prestation de serment avec les mots Jsus Christ et Dieu tous les 5 mots (et les drives cathos sur la socit patriarcale et l'abstinence avant le mariage), le film reste apprciable. Proslyte mais innocent.

Craig B (jp) wrote: Romero Jr. shoots for bronze - achieves tin.

Charlie 7 (de) wrote: Innocent popcorn entertainment

Stevie B (nl) wrote: This is probably my least favorite Disney Channel movie. The story was stupid, the effects and cinematography was cheap, and it was a little inaccurate from the other movies.

Buggy B (au) wrote: This was an excellent fact based drama centering on a group of expatriate women from various backgrounds who are imprisoned in a concentration camp by the Japanese during World War II. It does have a bit of a "movie of the week" feel to it which is overshadowed by the talented ensemble cast of actresses attached, including Glenn Close, Cate Blanchett and Frances McDormand among others. You can't help but be drawn into these women's lives as they are interned in POW camps for several years, facing torture, starvation, disease and abuse while being shuffled around the island of Sumatra. In the midst of their ordeal they form a "vocal orchestra" -basically humming as singing is prohibited. Some of the storylines are left a little vague i.e. the young wife and her husband in the next camp over and there are several brutal torture scenes. Personally I would have liked a bit of a note on what happened to the survivors after the war ended. This reminded me very much of the movie A Town Like Alice with Bryan Brown (based on the Nevil Shute book.) 10/6/14

Abby T (de) wrote: This used to be my favorite movie growing up and I still remember most of the songs! Good storyline, great characters, excellent music.

Ben S (mx) wrote: For a bad movie, it's really not that bad.

Michael R (ru) wrote: Nothing short of remarkable, Jaws is just as compelling today as it was when it was first introduced to the world in 1975. Masterfully paced and well acted under the guidance of Steven Spielberg, Jaws is quite simply a perfect motion picture.

Antony C (ru) wrote: A great British movie.My favourite line was when Daniel Craig managed to genuinely pacify a top drug baron on the phone - "...let's talk about this sensibly over breakfast. I'll get some freshly squeezed orange juice... ...do you know where I live?"Drug baron's reply "No.""Well f**k off then" and promptly hung up!Made me chuckle.

Phil H (mx) wrote: Hey you remember Matt LeBlanc? he was in Friends for virtually the entire of the 90's and just like Jennifer Aniston he simply can't shake his character, yes...him.So this is an adaptation of the rather lame US TV series of the same name which always kinda seemed like a rip off of Star Trek with kids. Being your typical 90's action flick the film is chock full of terrible CGI, from a really nasty looking space alien monkey thing to lots of shockingly bad looking light and space effects.There is a combination of model work which in places does look reasonable but alas most other areas of the film such as the sets are really poor and plastic-ish in appearance, whilst costumes are merely dull grey and unoriginal.The plot is a complete jumbled jigsaw of a mess involving the age old notion of time travel, unfortunately you really have to have a tight plot to pull this off annnnd this doesn't. You don't care about any of the characters down to stale acting, Lacey Chabert looks as if she's been swimming the whole time yet is oddly quite sexy with her squeaky voice. She was 16 at the time I believe, should I be locked up?! Even Hurt can't inject quality into this pantomime, Oldman fares somewhat better but there really isn't anything he could of done.The original series was camp family space age fun so of course the film was never gonna be serious sci-fi but clearly they wanted it to be semi serious. This was the problem because the whole thing is basically a cartoon or as I like to think of it...Schumacher's 'Batman and Robin' in space...with Matt LeBlanc who was clearly added to capitalize on his brief moment in the limelight. Just another attempted fast food franchise rolled off the Hollywood factory line, badly conceived, poorly made and vanished into movie obscurity.