Aaron's House

Aaron's House

A legacy of terror for more than 150 years. Haunted by a tradition of blood and mystery. Aaron's House is a place visited by few, but known about by many. A paranormal debunker, a dead serial killer and his protegé, two FBI agents, a mythical cult, and the legend of Aaron Wiley, culminate and collapse upon Aaron's House.

A paranormal researcher sets out to debunk the legends surrounding the infamous Aaron's House. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marvin B (es) wrote: A very likable film with a Japanese formula for melodrama.

Brendan A (fr) wrote: Based on a true story. Richard Pimental (Ron Livingston) has a gift for public speaking from a young age. But after being rejected for entry at college, he enlists to serve in Vietnam. An accident there results in him losing his hearing and upon returning home faces discrimination from possible employers due to his disability. Richard decides to set up his own agency advocating other vets and people with disabilites find work, and is soon pivotal in helping change laws discriminating against them. Engrossing from the start, with a particularly brilliant performance from Michael Sheen as Art Honneyman, Richard's best friend, who happens to have cerebal palsy and a rapier wit. I found I could relate to this movie as I have had depression in the past and can understand the discrimination people recovering from illnesses face (and still face- thanks to NZs National government). A must see- particularly for closed minded people.

Alex B (de) wrote: Sleazy AND sublime (and amusing), a tour de force of film-making technique and Hitchcock-appropriation.

Joshua L (ru) wrote: This movie is slow but holy fuck! It's all worth it for the built up tragedy this movie ends in. It's a good movie but the ending upset me. Very well Done.

Ben S (ru) wrote: This film has one of the most dodgy Hollywood premises of all time. After a scuffle, a judge sentences a playboy artist in his 40s to date her 17 year old sister, who has a crush on him. The movie doesn't play for suspense but plenty is generated as you wonder whether it will lurch from slightly awkward to outright cringeworthy. It doesn't, thanks to the script's (mostly) light touch and the charm of the cast, especially Cary Grant and Myrna Loy. Even so, it one of those movies where you can predict the ending within its first five minutes.

Luc L (de) wrote: Hilarious one liners and gags. Pretty entertaining.

Michael K (au) wrote: Dolph kicks ass in Prague and so does Cuba Gooding Jr.

Mike B (jp) wrote: Casey Sziamesko is perfectly cast in this charming high school comedy.

Reece L (es) wrote: More an advertisement for Errol Morris' Gates of Heaven than actual shoe-eating, Herzog's ridiculous gimmick would've been better served by actually showing what the title promised instead of offering meandering thoughts about the nature of filmmaking and limp attempts at social commentary.

Christopher S (de) wrote: All the pieces for a solid 80s homage to Noir - even has some good funny bits, as befits a Reynolds vehicle - but it's not tight enough to have the right tension. Pity.