Aas Ka Panchhi

Aas Ka Panchhi

A soldier goes on a rescue mission to save a stranded officer.

Rajan "Raju" Khanna lives with his elderly father, Nihalchand, mom, and a younger sister. He studies Arts in college, and has a sweetheart in fellow-collegian, Neena Bakshi. When Rajan ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian F (au) wrote: Had seen this years ago on Discovery....... Saw it again now and loved it

Zach M (ag) wrote: This was a great family film that didn't require killing off any animals like Disney.Air Bud plays basketball very well.

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Ken S (br) wrote: This early documentary by Martin Scorsese features a discussion with his own parents about their lives, immigration, his grandparents, and how to make a good sauce. I like things like this, human interest stories. I'm a big fan of This American Life, for example. This is an interesting and sometimes funny look at the lives of these New York Italian Americans, and I liked it.

Nathaniel B (fr) wrote: Even with the simple yet unexciting plot, witty yet sometimes incomprehensible dialogue, and very dated effects and editing, this film is quite good.

Harry W (de) wrote: Boasting Salma Hayek in a return to the action genre, Everly suonded like a promising thriller.Immediately jumping into things without giving viewers a moment to grasp narrative context, Everly's first sin is explicitly revealing precisely how thin the writing is. Boasting both a distinctive lack of characterization and a lot of heavily conventional dialogue which is better suited for an 80's action hero than Salma Hayek, Everly is a film constructed out of cliches and predictable plot points with a lack of coherence or originality. Clearly a low-budget film, the story in Everly is mapped around letting the feature occur within a singular location without the support of sufficient writing to distract from this. Admittedly, the film does manage to string a small budget a long way, but despite the overly simplistic nature of the story it still manages to complicate things by putting an ambiguous context into the story and never sufficiently explaining anything, rather just letting the story loosely unfold from there on. But since the narrative is not one which is that interesting, there is little to build on from the beginning.There are two main things used to drive Everly: violence and swearing. Despite the fact that I expected as much from an action thriller, with little to offer in terms of story or scope the feature falls back onto these points a lot more. Joe Lynch seems bent on the idea that a high quantity of blood can be used as a device to drive a narrative, relying on it as a subject of predominant focus during the action scenes and even during some of the intended comedic moments. And the overuse of the F-word is blatantly clear because of its excessive repition by most characters at every waking moment in the film is supposed to be used for both dramatic and comedic effect. Since the film is too ludicrous to take seriously and the pretentious attempts to be funny interfere with the dramatic potential of the feature, it never settles on a single mood. But it becomes impossible to consider the film a legitimate one due to a tonal imbalance and lack of coherence. I didn't honestly feel anything for the film or find it funny enough for either of these aspects to actually work.Essentially, the film's overuse of coarse language and blood make the film explicit very quickly, immediately desensitizing viewers on what they can expect to receive from the rest of the film. From there, it does nothing but go in circles with the same repetitive imagery being force-fed to viewers for the entirety of the film's running time. But I will admit that the visual style is decent, particularly in comparison to the writing of the film. The low-budget of the feature doesn't seem to faze director Joe Lynch who proves himself easily capable of crafting effective blood effects and decent action scenes. Though the latter are very heavy in the former, the relentless violence of the film is certainly a more favourable experience than the kind of action found in most mainstream contemporary action films. The cinematography in the film is very atmospheric on a consistent basis and the film is edited at a sensible pace so that it is fast during the more intense moments and steady during the others while remaining clearly consistent in ensuring that the viewer is capable of seeing everything that's going on. Joe Lynch does serve to prove his status as a stylish filmmaker, its just a shame that he spends more of the film focused on boring conversations between empty characters than on his stylish potential as the maker of an action thriller. Between the action scenes of the film, Everly just drags on without enough compelling narrative or actual gimmicks to hold the attention of viewers who do not demand anything more than the very least from a film. At best, Everly is a step in the right direction for Joe Lynch as it exercizes a modicum of potential from him, and perhaps one day he can put it to better use.One of the few assets that Everly has left to do anything with is the star in the title role. Salma Hayek is a decent lead. Condemned by a poor screenplay and a heavy reliance on her to carry the film, Salma Hayek is only capable of doing so much in a role which would be a burden for even the most experienced of actresses. However, she does prove herself fit for the part. Her emotional involvement in the character can only go so far and the pretentious lack of dramatic heart in the film ensures that she is never anything more than one-dimensional, but Salma Hayek's flair for working in action films gives Everly a boost of nostalgia by taking viewers back to her glory days of working with Robert Rodriguez. She's clearly not up to the challenge of carrying an entire film on her shoulders particularly when the material is so limited and reliant on little more than her, but her physical energy ensures that she remains a believable action heroine. Salma Hayek ensures that of the few things Everly can boast about, her return to form as an action heroine is one of them. The result is very much a spirited reminder of her better days more than a full resurgence of them, but the simple fact is that Salma Hayek reminds us that her action potential still burns bright enough for her to keep kicking ass and taking names.So Everly gives Salma Hayek a chance to return to her roots as a cold-blooded femme fatale, but the lack of genuine story or even context to establish where it all begins dooms the film from the start, well before it ends up circulating through an extended period of repetitive coarse language and bloody violence for the entirety of the remaining film.

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