A man meets with assorted characters in a nursing home after being diagnosed with cancer.

A man meets with assorted characters in a nursing home after being diagnosed with cancer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonalyn B (it) wrote: I mean, I didn't go in thinking this movie would be phenomenal or anything. For what it is and what it intended to be, I thought it was decent. I still think Katy Perry seems like one of the more down-to-earth celebrities out in the industry right now.

riane B (fr) wrote: Just wasted my time on this dumb movie.Never ever rent it. It was a mistake from redbox anyways.

u (kr) wrote: I liked it, given the fact that it showed many talents!!!

joey b (mx) wrote: I really don't know if I like this film or not

Dan O (fr) wrote: Takes a very strange turn in the middle, but still remains funny and witty.

olive m (de) wrote: I'm trying to think of how I might have made this film. I think to begin with I might have gotten rid of some of what seemed to me to be gratuitous violence, unless, to go by the movie info, that was in line with the squad's character. Replace the lead, Nolte? Too compelling, even at this stage. Replace Griffith? Well, yeah, going by how we think of her now; but someday this will be a classic as we look back on these careers and Robert Osborne is rhapsodizing about all the good features of the film. It was beautifully made and there were so many great actors in it. So just sit back, enjoy it, don't be judmental ... and remember, one day you may be glad it was made.Oh, btw: if for nothing else, and you're male, check out this movie for Jennifer Connelly. I have seen her in one or two other movies and she has always seemed demure and lovely. She is, here, too, but shows certain sides of herself that seem amazing.

Corey A (us) wrote: Outstanding film. One that it doesn't matter how many times you watch it, it's still good each time.

cornelius t (es) wrote: even fawcett couldn't save it.

Donald W (ca) wrote: This movie was based on a 1960's British comic strip. The original script was written by the author of the comic strip but then they rewrote it till it didn't have any resemblance to the strip. They even used a blonde haired Italian actress to play a dark haired English woman. It came out in 1966 the same year as the Arab-Israeli Six Day War, the Batman TV show and the height of the James Bond popularity. At the end of the movie the heroine and her side kick are rescued by an army robe wearing, towel headed, oil rich Arabs. I guess they thought this was funny. Forty-two years latter after all the Arab terrorist attacks it's not so funny. The comic strip was a semi-serious adventure strip but with the success of the campy Batman TV show, movie writers couldn't take anything from the comics seriously. So they made this a campy spy-spoof; however, the humor is very, very English. To American ears its unintelligible and not funny at all. They had a lot of trendy psychedelic paint schemes on the walls and multiple costume changes to show off the latest London Mod fashions. What was the point of the instantaneous hair style and costume changes? Was she supposed to have magic powers to change her look with the blink of an eye like Bewitched? The only reason I have this DVD is because my In Like Flint DVD came with a coupon for a free copy of this movie. Don't watch this movie when your tired or you'll fall asleep. There wasn't even a good memorable quote in this movie. Most of the time I couldn't make out what they were saying with their thick English or Italian accents.

Aj V (fr) wrote: Drama fans may enjoy this, but I wasn't into it. It was boring, I didn't care about the characters, and the story didn't interest me either. Other than that, the movie itself isn't bad.

Jake C (ca) wrote: I'm not afraid of it.

Eldin B (nl) wrote: "It's an odd feeling, farewell. There is such envy in it. Men go off to be tested, for courage. And if we're tested at all, it's for patience, for doing without, for how well we can endure loneliness."