Rahul and Anu Verghese meet on the same day, while both are held by the police on charges of creating a disturbance, and running away respectively. They meet again, and love happens. Rahul helps Anu to be independent, and seek a job. Then Anu is discovered by a talent agent to be a model, which she accepts. Rahul wants to marry Anu, but first must establish himself.

Rahul and Anu fall in love with each other, but before they unite, they have their own problems to deal with. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Aashiqui torrent reviews

Mahesh P (fr) wrote: Not as good a story as Masti, but hilarious script.

Zahid C (mx) wrote: Day: WednesdayDate: 05 Jun 2013Time: 9.15 pmWith: MaaOn: HDTV

Carmen W (nl) wrote: He is a genius! Hilarious!! Cant wait for his new one.

Wendy H (au) wrote: so lame we need a new word for lame

Tonya V (nl) wrote: Terrible acting but kind of cute!

Randy P (it) wrote: A phenomenon if not spectacular to say the least. Total groundbreaking film-making that will withstand the test of time.

Warren S (au) wrote: This was pretty funny - best of all was he gets away with it!! Remember the girl doing the robot dance...

Alex M (gb) wrote: Though sometimes the information was interesting, it wasn't presented in an interesting way. This 88 min movie dragged as if it was 3 hours. It just wasn't for me.

Ryan B (de) wrote: Not as good as the first 2 but still worth watching. To start off with I think the beginning was a little dragged on and once it starts picking up I think it was still dragged on; basically I think the last 20-30 minutes was the best part of the movie. The acting was very cheesy and pretty predictable and even though it was from 88' they still could've done a tad better. The action on the other hand was probably the best part hence it being an action film but again not nearly as good as the first 2, the action was very dull really. It may seem like I didn't like the movie very much but I did enjoy it for what it was and for that I'll watch it again. So recommended

Jesse R (au) wrote: This was a pretty good movie. Your typical 80s type ninja movie. Just an American as the ninja. There's also several sequels to this film. American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (1987), American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (1989)- this film doesn't feature Michael Dudikoff. American Ninja 4: The Annihilation (1990), which does feature Michael Dudikoff. The final film in the collection is American Ninja 5 (1993), which again, doesn't feature Michael Dudikoff. This film doesn't seem to follow the story from the previous four films.

Mark T (de) wrote: Bad acting, naff special effects and a number of poor casting choices, not least of all Paul Telfer as Hercules who seems to have been cast merely because he looks good with his shirt off rather than any acting ability ! Hercules is not meant to be a pretty boy but a man's man !

Bruce s (ca) wrote: i enjoyed it at the time but would not rave about

Rebecca M (au) wrote: very well done. i liked it alot. another family movie for sure!

Martin G (us) wrote: It was pleasant. I'd watch it again. I'm