A Secret Agent must race against time to stop terrorists about to unleash an unknown strain of the Ebola Virus.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Hindi,Urdu,Panjabi,English,Arabic
  • Reference:Imdb
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A Secret Agent must race against time to stop terrorists about to unleash an unknown strain of the Ebola Virus. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Aazaan torrent reviews

Michael M (ca) wrote: I saw this at the Phoenix Film Festival. I was told it was a hilarious comedy but it really is just a Drama with some funny bits.

Kristine P (gb) wrote: go see this trust me you want to!!!~!!!

Raven R (ca) wrote: I LOVE THIS MOVIE :)


Jeff M (au) wrote: I know it's somewhat supercilious of me but I love brewing up a pot of coffee in the afternoon and watching this movie. If I smoked, I'm sure I'd fire one of those up as well. A greatest hits album for Jarmusch.

Fawn R (ca) wrote: Worst movie I have ever seen! EXTREMELY DULL AND BORING! Lazy excuse for a film.

Rachel P (ag) wrote: huh, yeah right! like id ever watch this!?!?

Udai D (es) wrote: A very real movie at its crux.The thematic crux of "falling into" and "leaving behind", something that this movie accomplishes with near-perfect characters, dealing with the respective with great care. The director definitely is a top-drawer when it comes to making melodramas, taking you through the jazzy atmospheric alleys of the '98 S-Korea.One of my fav k-dramas

Lorrinda B (es) wrote: Woody Allen is genius in this musical spoof comedy. Yes, the characters run around singing, cheesy songs at weird times.

Christopher S (kr) wrote: Entertaining old-fashioned psycho-thriller from director John Brahm. Some effective atmosphere with great moody black and white cinematography, but the plot is uneven - though it does have some very strong moments, including the exciting and visually stunning climax. Laird Cregar's much-lauded performance is strong, but not quite his best. Excellent score by Bernard Herrmann, the concerto he composed for the film is particularly superb.

Bruce B (fr) wrote: My Good Friend from flixster ViVi told me to see this movie, she has become my sweetheart. So many of the movies she has told me about I should have seen years ago, and I have found each one to be exciting. Growing up I never saw many Gary Cooper Films, oh they were on TV just didn't have a interest, that was my lost, these are good films, and his teaming up with Ingrid Bergman is a positive match. For a movie filmed in 1943, these actors were all head of the class during that time. Its an exciting film with a big flair for WWII. They just don't make them like this anymore and there isn't an actor today that can stand up to these actors (Oh you say what about Tom Cruise , PLEASE!). This gets 5 Stars.

Michelle L (br) wrote: First time watching a Kung fu movie and was quite impressed. It was a very good movie it was a love story and Wing Chung in the same film.

Amanda C (ca) wrote: My Week with Marilyn give Monroe more credit than most biopics do, largely due to Michelle Williams. Williams as Monroe is never a characture or imitation of the famous blonde bombshell, but she somehow manages to morph into Monroe. She has captured the energy of Monroe and most importantly understands that there was more to her than the dumb blonde act. This is at the heart of what makes My Week with Marilyn work. It never treats Monroe as strictly the icon, but also sees her as an incredibly insecure woman, for all her fame and adoration, who was desperate to be loved and understood, but who could never move past the famous persona that she created.

Martin K (gb) wrote: Good WW2 movie, although held on the realistic side of story telling, it looses a bit on the action side..