Abacus and Sword

Abacus and Sword

Set during the Meiji Restoration period of Edo era Japan, Naoyuki (Masato Sakai) belongs to the 8th generation of the Inoyama family, a wealthy family known for finance & accounting. He is also a gifted mathematician and uses the abacus with extreme skills. Naoyuki works under the declining Kaga domain. Because of this, Naoyuki and his wife Koma (Yukie Nakama) suffer hardships as their stature and wealth dissipates.

A low-income samurai struggling to survive when the philosophy and their reason of existence is being questioned and phased out. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Abacus and Sword torrent reviews

Danielle C (de) wrote: Not very good, just be thankful you are watching it on Netflix and didn't spend a fortune to see it.

007 W (ca) wrote: Uh uh uh, I liked it when I was younger but it's stupid

bonneterre m (br) wrote: C'est tout de mme un film qui a marqu compltement les franais, un film de toute une gnration... A voir si vous ne l'avez pas encore vu !

Felnando S (gb) wrote: This is the horror of full retard dad movie.

Anthony C (br) wrote: Good movie but in French on Netflix.

Benjamin J (mx) wrote: Some amusingly gory moments, but no genuine scares. Contains a needless rape scene which is just in there for shock. That aside, it's quite entertaining. It also contains a soundtrack made up of only two pieces of music which made me laugh a lot because they just kept coming back again and again. One of them sounds like Tay Zonday's "Chocolate Rain".

unknown u (it) wrote: if you haven't seen this. see it

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