Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion

Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion

Jonesy and Lou are in Algeria looking for a wrestler they are promoting. Sergeant Axmann tricks them into joining the Foreign Legion, after which they discover Axmann's collaboration with the nasty Sheik Hamud El Khalid. Bits include Lou's mirage sightings, one a New York newsboy ("they gave me a bad corner").

Jonesy and Lou are in Algeria looking for a wrestler they are promoting. Sergeant Axmann tricks them into joining the Foreign Legion, after which they discover Axmann's collaboration with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Corey C (us) wrote: Most people fail to understand this movie properly. The first Ong Bak really is a separate sort of thing, but Ong Bak 2 and 3 are intimately linked. Chernang tells young Tien that weapons are the source of power and dominance. Tien trains and becomes intensely powerful, but also brutal and animalistic. Notice how beastial he in in the final scenes of Ong Bak 2. Contrast this to his final enlightenment in Ong Bak 3: he refuses to touch weapons. Indeed, in that weirdly brutal scene (a vision I think) right before the end, it's uncharacteristically violent for Tien at that point of his development because of the use of deadly weapons. The fact that these two movies managed to make the martial arts reflect inward changes of the main character, from brutal to peaceful, is impressive, and certainly beyond the scope of your average mindless bone-breaker flick. Throw in some interesting baptism imagery in Tien's final fight (also note when Tien looks like Thai-Jesus) and you have a visually stunning and thematically interesting martial arts movie.

Cynthia S (ru) wrote: The supposedly true story told in this movie was pretty good, and decently told....... but someone in the course of producing this flick thought it was a good idea to flash-back and flash forward several distracting times. The acting was fine, as was the camera work which helped establish time and place, but it was the editing that made this movie less than it could have been.

Joey S (gb) wrote: Loved it as a kid could be ridiculous if rewatched

Kayleigh M (kr) wrote: Doesn't have the affect of the book, the feeling that it's true. As a film, it seems rather trite.

Don S (br) wrote: What a waste of talent. Glenn's character, as the cop, comes off more moronic than Turturro's, who is mentally challenged. You have a bunch of bookies, led by George DiCenzo, sitting around yelling and cursing the entire movie - bookies who don't do anything but yell and threaten when someone stiffs them. Not an ounce of realism here, and the comedic bits aren't funny. Horrible.

Heather M (mx) wrote: What the crap is this? Did they really make movies this stupid?

Ola G (ru) wrote: During a party at the United States offices of a Japanese corporation in Los Angeles, a professional escort named Cheryl Lynn Austin (Tatjana Patitz) is found dead, apparently after a violent sexual encounter. Police Detectives Web Smith (Wesley Snipes) and John Connor (Sean Connery), a former police captain and expert on Japanese affairs, are sent to act as liaison between the Japanese executives and the investigating officer, Smith's former partner Tom Graham (Harvey Keitel). During the initial investigation, Smith believes the evidence indicates a sexual encounter and murder; however, Connor insists a deeper involvement by the corporation exists. After a grueling investigation, Connor receives a disc which contains the surveillance footage from the night of the murder. This later turns out to be a digitally altered video of the actual murder. The alteration implicates Eddie Sakamura, who is the son of a wealthy Japanese businessman and a longtime friend of Connor..."Rising Sun" is such a 90s thriller with the same vibe, visual approach and predictability as in "Sliver" which handled voyeurism/surveillance as well. I have never red the book, but as far as I understand from other reviewers the Chrichton book is quite different from the Kaufman film. We have seen similiar plots, but better handled and with "Rising Sun" you dont really care that much about who did the murder or why. Theres no real entertainment value or excitement. The John Conner role for Sean Connery fits him in certain ways, at the same time he floats around like some superior stereotypical Sherlock Holmes type with a full understanding of the Japanese culture which he is quick to point out. Wesley Snipes is as one dimensional as ever and doing yet another action anti-hero with a short temper and a quick trigger finger. Put them together and not that much happens except that Kaufman is trying to play with their cultural differences and characters on a very amateurish level. Harvey Keitel and Ray Wise are doing what they can, while Tia Carreres Jingo is such a terrible put together character and Steve Buscemi is as lost as he was in "Escape from L.A.". My treat in "Rising Sun" was to see the beautiful supermodel Tatjana Patitz as she was raised in the southern part of Sweden were Im from. Not much else was any sort of treat in "Rising Sun".

Agata W (nl) wrote: Highly recommend, one of the few films in recent years that actually made me hold my breath. Good performances from cast and even better, creepy atmosphere of the plot.

Dayna P (es) wrote: I cant stand patrick Dempsey. at least not since he hit 30 LOL

Janice F (de) wrote: I thought this was a really touching movie!! Not your typical teenage idiocy!! Very good acting by all of the characters!!