The only goal of an ageing Asian-American widow is to see her son and rebellious daughter (described as an American Born Confused Deshi or ABCD) married off to respectable Indian families.

The only goal of an ageing Asian-American widow is to see her son and rebellious daughter (described as an American Born Confused Deshi or ABCD) married off to respectable Indian families. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Panta O (us) wrote: This South Korean thriller written and directed by Kim Byung-woo was very entertaining to watch. It stars Ha Jung-woo as an ambitious news anchor-man who monopolizes the live broadcast of a terrorist attack following the explosion of Mapo Bridge on the Han River, as the story unfolds within the narrow confines of a radio booth. Skilfully written screenplay had lots of suspense but offered too many unanswered questions which were popping out like mushrooms while watching the explosions. Some of the situations were very close to impossible... but isn't that what the audience wants these day? Nobody said that this was a documentary or even film about a real event. If you take it as impossible fantasy - it is really fun to watch! Despite opening on the same day as blockbuster Snowpiercer, The Terror Live performed well at the box office, on the strength of good reviews from film critics and strong word of mouth. According to the Korean Film Council (KOFIC), it consistently placed second on the box office charts, reaching two million ticket sales six days after its release. With a modest budget of ?3.5 billion (US$3.12 million), the film hit its break-even point during its first week of release. After 19 days of release, it has accumulated 5 million admissions to date. That is a success for a Korean movie. Why was so popular? Excellent directing, screenplay dialogues were pretty good - but some of the situations are far-fetched, acting was superb, photography was enjoyable in every sequence, as well as was the camera work. I like movies with a good and clear sound, and I had no complaints regarding the sound, it was almost perfect! If you are keen on seeing a work of an unknown rookie, who challenged Snowpiercer ($ 39.6 million dollar global project from Korea's leading director BONG Joon-ho), with the public release of his first commercial film The Terror, LIVE on the same day, and had an upper hand - check this one out!

chuck l (ru) wrote: looks funny but classy

Alex Senior W (kr) wrote: This movie, though not for all, kept me interested the whole way through. The actors are amazing and the story line has "deadly" twists. Would definitely recommend. Seemed so realistic!

Bill R (de) wrote: I enjoyed this alot. Got me going and made me jump more then once. Sure its a typical story about a ghost and what not but it was done nicely. I also have a thing for ghosts stories and for some strange reason they scare me more then any other movies out there. So, you came across any good ones, let me know.

April W (de) wrote: 0_o The cover and title scare me....

Derek D (it) wrote: Setting the dinner table for a long string of made-for-TV movies in this Robert B Parker novels-turned-movies, Tom Selleck is given free reign as Jesse Stone, an LAPD Detective who drinks himself off the job and out of town, only to turn up as the Police Chief of quiet little Paradise, Massachusetts. While getting acquainted with the town and the job, he investigates the murder of the outgoing Police Chief at the hands of a mob hitman also involving the crooked head of the city council. Selleck is just incredible as the tired and troubled Stone and that's probably why he's been given this line of films practically until he dies.

Andy S (us) wrote: Meadow's juxtaposition of a familiar Western theme into the East Midlands is hardly challenging on the brain, but its TV-like lack of gloss makes it a good way to pass an idle 100 minutes. Another film that confirms what a toweringly good actor Rhys Ifans is, too.

Daniel D (ru) wrote: Just like Children of the Corn, but completely opposite. Tania Raymonde is brilliant as the all too grown up Lilly Jane. Her performance alone is mesmerizing, but there is much more to this movie than her.

Pedro P (au) wrote: Makes me PROUD of portuguese Cinema!

Dan H (fr) wrote: Like it, good twist.

Wiard W (br) wrote: One one the great Disaster movies

Joel A (ru) wrote: A powerful, soul searching Documentary showing two mens incredible ordeal climbing the un-climbable pass in Peru.Although this was trying to Joe it was Simon who truly went through seemingly the most any man can go through, a true emotionally captivating survival story.The documentary had all the elements working for it, great interviews, great re-enactment footage, great music & it just sucks you in within minutes.This film captures so many facets of Simon's battle, the elements firstly, the mental, physical & also spiritual elements of the journey he went on.This is an unmissable documentary that shows the power of determination & ultimately hope....