About Last Night...

About Last Night...

A man and woman meet and try to have a romantic affair, despite their personal problems and the interference of their disapproving friends.

A man and woman meet and try to have a romantic affair, despite their personal problems and the interference of their disapproving friends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Collin R (it) wrote: its slow at point but its actually very well done the acting is not that great but an interesting story

Keano A (es) wrote: I feel this is a pretty fun movie. It rings the same bell as Over the Hedge, only this time Hammy is a girl and the villain is the same raccoon. We're just missing Skunkette heheh. The ending is almost the same as well, the hoard somehow gets to the people in a fantastic explosion or down a river. Only real minus to this movie is Psy, and the humans' acting job.

Jason B (br) wrote: Somewhat stale acting, yet I love the message.

Tim F (nl) wrote: ha! They didnt even show the name Mansquito here, ridiculous!Not bad actually, for a low budget B movie. The acting is alright, not so good for Corin i thought. Beginning scenes are well done with the prissoner. but then some obvious animated mosquito-arms, just briefly when changing. but the rest is a very goos suit, probably mechanically adjusted. All to bring an exciting story of which the ending is pretty sure, although she gets some chemicals on her arm too, hmmm... fishy at most points but not bad!

Kashtan H (kr) wrote: A beautiful movie with superlative performances. Especially Aishwarya's performance is a killer as you don't expect her to kill with acting. And then there was Annu Kapoor in a 5-minute role that changed the whole movie. What a stellar brief performance!

Jim H (mx) wrote: A man pursues his friend's sister, a match frowned upon because of his promiscuous past.Paul Schneider delivers a sensitive portrayal of Paul, and his romantic scenes with Zooey Deschanel are quite charming. What I liked about the film was how relateable that relationship was.Typical of indie films, All the Real Girls is filled with long pauses and understated scenes that fail to state much. I also have several plot questions. I have no idea why Noel chooses the person she chooses in the third act, and because we never see Paul being a rake and he never goes back to his old behavior, it's hard to believe all the rumors about his character flaws.Overall, I think I like this film more than it deserves mainly because the two leads seemed like people I know or could know.

shashank b (br) wrote: This film is very touching !

Brent G (ca) wrote: Fun update to the original concept with a good cast.

Zaar D (fr) wrote: damn, am I interested in ANYTHING nowadays?

Hugo S (ag) wrote: This is damn well-written. The characters are very rich. Louis Malle's direction is pretty much flawless. One of the best coming-of-age movies.

roger t (gb) wrote: criticker rating: 91

Im El Capitano A (nl) wrote: I absolutely love Jack Lemmon!!!! This is such a funny film...a man trying very hard not to ruin the purity of the woman he is madly in love with. Great Perseverance!!!!!

John K (es) wrote: Just as awful as the reviews made it out to be. It surprises me that anyone with any sliver of intelligence would put money into this pile of garbage that concentrates on boring predictable actions scenes and little else.

Kyle M (es) wrote: A film that circles around a character with an unveiling past by diegetic patience, bloating the melodrama while trying out aesthetics to help justify the length as a distraction from the slow pacing. The successful quality was typically the performances, particularly Meryl Streep at her usual level of talents getting into character well. Despite how well adapted it turned out on film, it faltered to be an okay film as a one-time viewing after witnessing the titular character's story in the present and the past's horrible outcome that's not watchable. (B-)

Matt W (it) wrote: It's nice to see that Brits used to make good old nasty exploitation films (specifically Pete Walker!) And this one is thoroughly grubby. Mummy has relapsed into her cannibalistic ways and seems to be munching on tarot-reading customers.Middle-class family values don't totally fly out the window - Daddy sticks by his wife with disturbing loyalty. The ending is rather bleak, but totally inevitable.No classic, but certainly an entertaining, atmospheric oddity.