Above Us the Waves

Above Us the Waves

In World War II, the greatest threat to the British navy is the German battleship Tirpitz. While anchored in a Norwegian fjord, it is impossible to attack by conventional means, so a plan is hatched for a special commando unit to attack it, using midget submarines to plant underwater explosives.

The attack by British submarines on the German battleship "Tirpitz" in a Norwegian fjord during the Second World War. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin P (ag) wrote: Verslaving op zijn ergst, en dan bedoel ik vooral de manier hoe ons hoofdpersonage keer op keer zijn eigen leven dwarsboomt en verwacht dat wij de kijker sympathie met hem zou moeten hebben. Being Charlie was beter geschikt geweest voor Rob Reiner als een dure homevideo, dan als een experiment voor de filmmaker om het verhaal van zijn zoon te vertellen.

erika p (br) wrote: Very powerful movie. More people need to watch this. He never seen the color of people skin and how this very country will turn their back on everyone even their own kind for a dollar.

Karen T (de) wrote: This has got to be the worst vampire movie i have ever seen, and yes its far worse than twilight, ugh. Its so cliche and very stupid, if you're into that you might like it. Unfortunately for me it was really crappy.

Ryan M (br) wrote: Extremely enjoyable. Went in with low expectations, but the stars tell it...good range of emotions on this one.

Manny C (au) wrote: Amazingly personal documentary about the parents of director Doug Block and their 54 year marriage, which comes to an end when his mother passes. Almost immediately his father begins a new life and Block realizes he doesn't exactly know his parents, and thus begins an odyssey to find out just who they are. It's touching and deeply felt.

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Joy E (mx) wrote: A good film indeed, however too bizarre for me and it made me sick way too many times to rate it higher; interesting ending definitely hard to watch without puking...

manda P (nl) wrote: I love this movie soo much! It's so awesome, lol

Ben R (br) wrote: This is one of the greatest under the radar movies that not many people even know about. Starring Ray Parker Jr. The guy who wrote the theme for Ghostbusters, along with an unknown actor named Gary Frank, they're basically held hostage in a ghetto gang controlled tenement building, where they have to depend on the help of the folks who live in the building to hide and make their escape from the psycho 80s street gang, "The Vampires". The gang led by the brilliant as always Tony Todd, is a typical 80s stereotype for what gangs were in movies at the time, wearing headbands and sleeveless leather jackets. They terrorize the people in the building going from apartment to apartment looking for Parker and frank. Beating and killing almost everyone in their path, the movie never lets up and is a constant thrill ride the whole way through. This isn't super super violent and plays the blood and gore to a minimum, but when someone dies in this, its taken pretty seriously and isn't like a cliche action movie where its just touch and go when someone dies. Stacey Dash from Clueless and Deon Richmond (the token black guy from not another teen movie) play two younger kids in the apartment helping the two main leads find secret tunnels and shortcuts to escape the gang. Ray Parker really held his own during the whole movie, and I was amazed he never really had a movie career after his solid acting job in this, and Gary Frank even though annoying really played the scared nerdy white guy perfectly, so you actually felt for him when he was forced to kill people. Overall my review couldn't do this movie justice, you just have to see it for yourself...if you can find it that is because this movie for some stupid reason is out of print and hasn't been released on dvd because of rights issues or something. If you can find it online or on vhs I suggest buying it and watching it. I found it online and it just blew me away with how solid and awsome it was. If you like 80s semi cheesy but entertaining gang suspense movies set in the ghetto, and if you're a Tony Todd fan this will be your cup of tea for sure. Also if you like Jan Michael Vincent and want to see him play a crippled, pissed off, paranoid, Vietnam vet, in a motorized wheelchair...then this is your movie lol

Alan S (mx) wrote: Ever been a tourist and thought of just staying where you are? This moody and reflective movie by Swiss director Alain Tanner captures this feeling for us all enticingly. The film has not had the showings it conspicuously deserves. It draws us in to contemplate what might happen if we simply stopped doing what we've always just done? And the haunting sense of authenticity is heightened using cuts of super-8 movie clips (as representations of a filmic mimicry of the pulse, taste and feel of life as it is lived on the edge).Bruno Ganz (long before his Hitler portrayal) simply gets of the boat on which he was an engineer and loses himself and us in the sounds and sights of a foreign land. Lisbon evocatively unfurls before us in realistically plausible super-8 snatches as Ganz's character becomes enveloped in the flavour and mystery of a poor quarter of the city. Hopelessly drunk and plaintively playing his harmonica through the minutes and hours spent in his hotel room commanded by its dripping tap, the character posts film home to his wife in clinical Switzerland. Time and place are punctuated by escapes into drink, romance whilst the character clutches at every moment's freshness and tracing the lines of a web of ordinariness which is so easy to experience voyeuristically.The clock in the hotel symbolically goes backwards. Maybe there are times when perhaps we need to go back in order to move forward. This haunting film

Cline H (gb) wrote: moi aussi, j'aime bien les hynes.

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