Over a century ago, only one man stood in the way of the disintegration of the United States of America—and he was a gangly, storytelling country lawyer from Illinois with no political experience at the national level. And yet by the sheer force of his will and his uncompromising stand on critical issues, Abraham Lincoln not only saved the nation but carved out an immortal place in world history.

The Old Testament story of Abraham and the trials he endures. Commanded by God to lead his family to the promised land of Canaan with the promise that if he does so, his descendants will ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (nl) wrote: Tomei was pretty exceptional in this role. I wish things would have made more sense by the end, but overall it was an entertaining movie.

Luke P (ca) wrote: It has a good cast, excellent score and it's paced quite well. However Alexander isn't as interesting as it should be, mainly because it does a lot of talking rather then showing and at times the violence can get distracting due to how bloody the film is.

Alex r (nl) wrote: a surprisingly entertaining little violent asian flick with a pretty cool story. i was actually impressed

J K (jp) wrote: Elvis movies make my hemherroids act up.

Clayton A (gb) wrote: Definitely a classic movie. This film re-launched Joan Crawford's career, and it shows how much effort she put in to the part. This film is full of drama and keeps you wandering who the true murderer is.

John D (br) wrote: They could've at least, tried to make a good thing but this is so frickin horrible, even worst than part 9.

George B (it) wrote: A bit rushed in some places, but overall, a very fun movie. Super underrated if you ask me.

Shawn R (es) wrote: Another horror movie worth checking out. Just do not expect to much but expect a lot of blood and and gore.

Thomas D (ru) wrote: Of course, I wrote in my For Your Eyes Only review that I appreciated the tongue and cheek being toned down a bit, only to be overwhelmed with goofiness with Osctopussy. There's a lot of entertainment to be had with this film, but sadly I felt a ton of opportunities were wasted.It seemed as though the plot was going to shift the motivations of the lead villain from craving world domination down to simply a jewel thief. To me, that was intriguing. Bringing the stories to a more realistic focus would have been compelling for this film. But instead we got a mess of a film. I'm just very tired of the use of nuclear weapon's for the lead villain. It's been used over and over again. Not every bad guy has nukes. I also felt they took the setting of India and abused it a bit. I'm sorry but how many different animals were used as spectacles or traps for Bond? Bond literally tells a wild tiger to sit down, and it listens. It got a bit ridiculous, especially knowing how noticibly fake most of them were. Certainly some of the sequences can be entertaining, but when a professional tennis player's cameo turns into him beating villains over the head with a tennis racket overpowering machine guns, you know you've taken it too far.But it's disappointing that this film didn't take advantage at having a female antagonist. The series thus far hasn't had a lead female villain, and I thought for awhile it would be the first. She was hidden from the audience for a good portion of the film similar to Blofeld which made for an interesting proposition. Sadly, 'Octopussy' turns out to be just like most other Bond girls. On the flip side, Q gets to play a bigger role which was a good change up from being back at MI6 all the time. There's no denying this film's entertainment, but there's just too many missed opportunities.+Q is a bigger part+Very good first half-Missed opportunities-Yet another nuclear obsessed villain5.5/10

Heith P (ag) wrote: Dear Hollywood, staphhhhhhh.