Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe

Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe

An alien policeman comes to Earth to hunt down a renegade of his own race.

An alien "policeman" arrives on Earth to apprehend a renegade of his own race who impregnates a woman with a potentially destructive mutant embryo. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter M (jp) wrote: In "Puncture," Jaime's(Tess Parker) got a gun, which she is using to threaten her no-good husband Mike Weiss(Chris Evans), a personal injury lawyer. Otherwise, it's a pretty normal evening, with Daryl King(Jesse L. Martin) outsourcing cases to Mike and his partner in law, Paul Danziger(Mark Kassen, who directed with Adam Kassen). Their latest case involves Vicky(Vinessa Shaw), a nurse, who after being accidentally pricked by a contaminated needle, contracted AIDS. They cannot help her since she is collecting workers' compensation but they can help her friend, Jeffrey Dancort(Marshall Bell), an engineer, who has developed a single use safety needle. In response, Paul has to remind Mike not to go on a fishing expedition, especially if it involves a white whale. "Puncture" is an object lesson in that just because a movie is based on a true story, it does not exempt it from being cliched or that it will automatically make for a compelling story, coming off as turgid as it does. For example, it is anti-drug, but only in the way that using them looks really boring. As far as the safety needles go, while this is a valid issue, they only provide enough substance for an excellent PSA, a passable episode of 'Leverage' or a decent documentary; forget a narrative film. And I've seen Chris Evans do quality work elsewhere when not wearing spandex, but he can do little right in this complex role. That leaves overqualified bit players like Vinessa Shaw and Kate Burton with the movie's best moments.

khalid m (ag) wrote: This movie reminds me of the Hollywood movie THE NOTEBOOKi can say this is the remake or copy of that movie...

Bloodmarsh K (gb) wrote: Predictable bland crime drama - with no twist at all. The very least these films can do, is try to fool the viewer. But unless you're Forrest Gump, you won't be fooled by anything this stinker has to offer.

Sadeer A (us) wrote: I heard that it was the director's 1st movie and it they had very little time to shoot it. Not the best movie, but it's fun to watch.

Adam W (jp) wrote: Terrible, even by Rom-com standards and another skidmark in the career of Ashton Kutcher.Having a low opinion of Kutcher before I was surprised to find him an even worse actor than I'd thought.Absolutely dreadful.

Adam H (ru) wrote: Can we stop now? Apparently not.

Brian W (de) wrote: Some very humourous moments in this silly parady of hospital drama's of the day. Michael McKean and Sean Young have their moments as does Dabney Coleman and Hector Elizondo but for me it's Michael Richards who steals the show as the bumbling hit man who goes through hell at the hospital trying to kill his intended target.

Chris M (de) wrote: Interesting drama/thriller with Susan George is a great role. It's not really horror at all, but an enjoyable character study. Horror fans and Walker fans may be dissapointed with the lack of visceral thrills, but more patient viewers will find a fascinating story to enjoy.

Marco F (fr) wrote: MYRA BRECKINRIDGE is one of the worst movies ever made. The people who made it are all incompetent morons, and all the principal actors who starred in it are idiots and should all have fired their agents. Gore Vidal's novel has been thoroughly trashed here: this film is a mess, with plot holes galore- it is nearly unfollowable and unwatchable. The film's ineptitude even comes down to the technical filmmaking- this film is so badly made, that the director can't even frame a shot properly- there are scenes where actor's torsos or legs- not their faces are being photographed; I honestly believe the camera operator got the on/off switch mixed up, and the camera was shooting the actors waiting between takes. That is how bad this movie is.

Neil O (es) wrote: As usual Peter Cushing gets the better of a low budget and brings some dignity to a low budget sci-fi horror directed by Terence Fisher on a brief hiatus away from Hammer. Great fun.

Greg R (de) wrote: interesting wartime romance set in new zealand...although at no time does anything approaching a kiwi appear...predictable but not without its charms...worth a watch

Felipe F (us) wrote: Alejandro Gonzlez Iarritu's expertise is further attested with 21 Grams, a hauntingly crafted drama with full bodied characters.

Andrew S (it) wrote: Absolutely brilliant, a great story brilliantly told and acted.

Robert B (nl) wrote: I have to say this is a nice sci-fi mvovie. The plot is about a diferent world, but just like ours, were hgh -IQ people have another division based on frequencies: the high ones are lucky and ultra-intelligent, but without feelings. Low frequencies ones are intelligent too, but unlucky and have feelings. Will not do any spoilers but the ending and plot is ice, explaining the reason for that in the end. A nice change from the all CGI effects themes, with nice actings. 7,5 / 10

Christopher B (mx) wrote: My least favorite of the Craig films but still really entertaining.

Timm S (ru) wrote: I Can't Understand The Dialogue By Stallone..Luckily, He Never Stars In Very Complex Stories. Scripts That Spell The Story Out To The Audience Including This Revealing Line, (Stallone) 'What's Wrong With This Picture?' (Statham) 'Everything'...Need We Know More??

David C (ru) wrote: Fascinating documentary with breathtaking footage. Focuses a little too much on skating and surfing in my opinion.

Ian M (jp) wrote: This movie is brilliantly acted by an amazing cast. Great story and characterization. Very atmospheric thrilling drama. Jamie Bell is just a great actor. May he keep getting better!

J B (ca) wrote: Dramatically inert and listless.