Aching Hearts

Aching Hearts

Set in the early 1960s, the story evolves around highschool sweethearts Jonas and Agnete, their friendships and families, trials and tribulations. Jonas fails to give Agnete the kind of attention she craves, and when she decides to start a new romance, he feels for the first time a cold stab of jealousy. Their rocky relationship takes Jonas through the spectrum of emotions that arises with an aching heart. »Aching Hearts« is shot over a period of three years, taking into account the development of the young actors, some of whom are amateurs from the actual milieus Malmros is depicting.

A bunch of 15-year-olds in Viborg make their first experiences with love, kissing and sexuality, coming together and drifting apart. The film follows the adolescents over a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dani I (ru) wrote: Like it poster says; "Simply glorious. The Feel-Good film of the year".

Nathan C (mx) wrote: Based on a True Story, American Hustle is a watchable movie and can show you more about regroups and famous people to meet.Every Actor in this movie does the role well, Especially Jennifer Lawrence with her sense of knowledge, Also Christian Bale and his Partners couldn't wait on turning into rich people.Not The Perfect movie to watch 1,000 times but still a watchable film.Score: 9.5/10

Brody M (nl) wrote: This movie was bad from beginning to end.I know I checked it out at the library because it was free but I really cant understand how I sat there & watched it all

RajanSatish P (es) wrote: Though it was shot in a real documentary style ,there is nothing interesting after the first 30 Mins of tension it builds

Audrey T (de) wrote: jessica alba rocks!!!=]btw was it a porn [email protected]@XD

seresm R (nl) wrote: Another film in which too many people get killed for any conceivable realism. If this number of people were killed in Cambodia it would practically be world news. Typecast laughing Russian thugs, typecast brutal Cambodians, square jawed American anti-hero making good in paint-stripped Asia. Can it get much worse? Such a shame too, because the basic idea is good. With a director of the calibre of Peter Weir, this could have been a first class film about greed, culture, uncertainty and fear. Instead it steadily degenerates into a stunningly obvious plot with a silly ending. As Arthur Lazere says on culturevulture, this should disappear down one of the many holes in its plot. If you wonder why I watched it, in Kuwait of an evening there is little choice... Why isn't there a film style censor somewhere to stop this stuff being made?

Ray L (us) wrote: The movie was a bit strange at times but it was nice to see the young faces of some well known people like Patrick Dempsey and Jennifer Connelly.

Mike M (ru) wrote: An anachronistic, over-the-top live action cartoon. The film has a constant, silly tone that may irritate some, and others may find very charming. All the actors ham it up, Sam Raimi rips off classic Looney Tunes moments left and right, and the sets and costumes (seeming to run the gamut from the 20's, through the 50's, but anchored in the 80's) create a surreal feel. An interesting, different comedy.

Lovro H (ru) wrote: This is one seriously messed up bad video-game adaptation! First of all, nothing like the game! Secondly, there's close to zero plot! No character development whatsoever. The ending is illogical and makes no sense! I have no idea how a rational mind could let Uwe Boll make this garbage. It's so bad, it's funny. If nothing, you can atleast have yourself a good laugh while watching this crap.

Brett M (br) wrote: A co-production of Hammer Studios and the Shaw Brothers? Count me in! Van Helsing and seven kung fu masters take on seven vampires (who seem to thrive on ripping the shirts off of young women), some really fake-looking bats and their horde of undead zombie creatures.

Viviana D (ag) wrote: well hmmm... they did have some cool visual effects. Oh, and I liked the song at the end during the credits.

Sepp V (fr) wrote: I can't help it but if you've seen das Boot you tend to compare.. and this movie doesn't win in any category. But you have to give it some credit - it's made at the time of war itself (and thus has some propaganda elements, as well) - for that time and possibilities not bad at all

Irish E (us) wrote: Another good installment to the Charlie Chan series. There are not any really stand out characters or performances in this one. Jimmy, the number two son, does not have as much screen time in this one as other episodes. Because of that, there is not as much comic relief, therefore this one episode is more serious than others. Overall it was well written and acted. I thought for sure I knew who it was, but was mistaken. The ending was a real surprise. The disk had some interesting special features, It contained a look back at Treasure Island, the San Fransisco fair that took place in 1940 and the tie-in with this movie to the 1969 Zodiac killer, in real life.

Cameron F (ca) wrote: Tom Hanks as a prominent Philadelphia attorney who is terminated because he has AIDS virus. He hires a homophobic personal injury lawyer to help him take his case to court.

Lucas N (ca) wrote: A fine retelling of the classic Frankenstein story, with a great comedic twist from Brooks.