Silverio Palacios, 40, a failed union worker from Veracruz, decides to turn his life around. Tired of earning his money panhandling in the streets, he decides to follow up on a plan that’s been on his friend and union leader's, Alacrán, mind for the longest time. He transforms his old taxi into a makeshift raft and set sail towards Miami to find success in the United States posing as a Cuban immigrant.

A Mexican worker tries to migrate to the United States posing as a Cuban immigrant, but destiny has something else in mind for him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Acorazado torrent reviews

Colin R (us) wrote: Yet another great rendition from Wood Harris about street life as a ganster rapper. A great watch ;)

WakeWRC89 (mx) wrote: The part Michael Caine played was very farfetched. Not convincing at all. When I looked at the picture on the dvd cover of him with a gun and then read the back about him dispensing his own brand of justice I thought before I put it on... Ime not sure how this is going to work. This is no disrespect to Michael Caine as he is a brilliant actor but hes not suited to a part like this. Liam Neeson comes to mind. That aside not the best of films anyway didnt enjoy. Definitely only a 1 time watch.

bill s (it) wrote: A well done,gritty coming of age story that's well crafted...surprisingly good.

Elia D (us) wrote: I love seeing Paul Gross and Callum Keith Rennie together, especially outside of Due South. This is a really cute movie, also featuring the awesome Ellen Page, I saw her in this way before Juno and definitely knew she had potential as an actress.

Rory O (fr) wrote: The dictionary definition of style over content. Almost every shot is interesting in some way, but the film itself seems ultimately pointless. Some good acting from the Thai actors can't salvage it.

Tim S (fr) wrote: THE best Nightmare sequel, hands down.