Act Naturally

Act Naturally

When two estranged stepsisters inherit their father's nudist colony, getting back to nature has never been so completely unnatural.

When two estranged stepsisters inherit their father's nudist colony, getting back to nature has never been so completely unnatural. A FilmBuff Presentation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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FilmGrinder S (nl) wrote: 86%I've never laughed at a dirty Sanchez joke, until now. Santos and Villarreal are the perfect team.

TheJimbobs123 (ag) wrote: Really good film and much better than i had expected. Lots of nice twists and nasty scenes. Definitely worth a watch.

Michael O (it) wrote: Though this may not be for every taste, some will like I did find this to be a refreshing comedy-drama. A frumpy 50-something woman goes to Kenya on vacation for some quick flings only to find there's a lot of hustlers out there who will give love but for a price. Lots of great scenery and local flavor.

Drew A G (ru) wrote: Poor use of great actors. It had no real plot and answered no questions.They took a slice of history put on clothes of the time period and had a three person drama. Poorly done and they know it.

Nick O (gb) wrote: In the hands of a lesser director, "Paranoid Park" probably shouldn't work. A diary of narration, an inexpressive skate rat, soft music over invasive spurts of a lingering camera. Another day in Gus Van Sant's Portlandia. His twisted tale of murder on the hands of sixteen-year-old Alex (Gabe Nevins), who accidentally pushes a security guard in front of a freight train, is a shocker. That's another thing: twisted. Van Sant's prints are all over "Paranoid Park". Manipulative? You be the judge. But I don't think it's the sporadically-placed plot points on the outside that mean to sting. "Park" is best when the nerves of realization can be read inside Alex, an emotionally wracking performance by Nevins. Van Sant has the film unfold like shards of a shattered dream. Every bit bruises.

David L (fr) wrote: The Dark Hours is one of those rare horror films that takes itself and its audience seriously. There is no black humor, no manic referencing of horror classics and no "someone-is-about-to-get-diced" eerie music. As a result, Paul Fox has succeeded where most American film directors have failed - in making a scary movie that is actually scary.This film reminds me somewhat of Alexandre Aja's hugely over-hyped "Haute Tension". Both films contain violent home invasion scenarios, which are subsequently turned upside down by revelations about the sanity of the protagonists. In this case, the central character, Samantha, joins her husband and sister for a weekend in their remote cabin. Unfortunately, their stay is well and truly ruined by the appearance of Harlan; an ex-patient of Samantha's intent on revenge. As the story unfolds, it becomes increasingly ambiguous as to whether Harlan is real or a projection of Samantha's own psychosis. The reason why I find The Dark Hours superior to "Haute Tension" is that within this film's (albeit unlikely) parameters, the plot twist not only makes sense, it also serves to raise the suspense. Neither of which can be said for the events in Aja's film.Gore hounds need not be concerned. This is not a lame "psychological" thriller. The Dark Hours contains a significant amount of gritty violence and one startling act of self-mutilation. The gore effects are uniformly well done and horror fans will enjoy several unexpectedly grim plot developments. The bloodshed is balance nicely by the terror of Harlan's games (his interpretation of "Truth or Dare" was a highlight) and the uncertainty about Samantha's own mental state.The performances are generally very good. Kate Greenhouse is a revelation as Samantha. Hopefully she'll be leaving Canada for Hollywood in the not too distant future. Aidan Devine is another standout as Harlan. This actor has been under-appreciated for far too long. Harlan is yet another memorable character to add to his long list. The supporting cast is not as impressive. The actors who play Samantha's husband and sister are rather dismal. Their responses during the "Truth or Dare" game are unintentionally amusing, which was really quite a feat given the context. Paul Fox contributes to the film's success with his stylish direction, particularly his innovative use of sound effects and editing.The Dark Hours leaves a number of questions unanswered. You do not have to scratch too far beneath the surface to find holes in the plot, even if they are neatly camouflaged by flashbacks and clever editing. Despite these faults, I enjoyed the film immensely.

Nick R (nl) wrote: This was the first time I saw a Shaw Brothers kung fu movie. I first heard about them from the Cinema Snob when he did the Crippled Avengers. Also from the opening of Kill Bill Volume 1 which I recently saw on Netflix. This movie starts off with is old guy which I thought was taking a bath. Actually he's trying to cure himself from some kind of poison as he said.The old guy mentions his old students and each style of kung fu they have. Centipede, Snake, Scorpion, Lizard, and Toad styles. Old guy then tells his apprentice to stop them when he can because some of the students use their styles for evil. Then the old guy mentions donating money to charity from a rich clan so the five can find and notice him.The apprentice disguises himself as some dirty guy to try and scan out the five and where they meet up. Some of the five then keep these people prisoners for their money, also to lure out some old guy. This guy also tells the apprentice about the guys that attacked the place and that he saw one of them. The guy then tell the authorities about one of them later, saying he has a beard.The authorities try to stop the bearded guy but this other guy stops him while the authorizes just stand there. They capture the bearded guy and show him to some nobleman. Then there's a trial where the bearded guy gets his legs hurt for some reason. Noble guy then tires to get a pardon for the bearded guy and the head of the authority to move the bearded guy.The witness then gets beaten a little to change what he said he looked like. They then go to this restaurant where the other guy is and the other guy goes with them without fighting them. During the trial the other guy starts fighting because he knows he didn't do it. The authorities then lock up the other guy while the noble guy thinks about torturing him.Other guy passes out and they use this Iron Maiden to torture him but he gets out of it. Noble guy is found out to be Snake, while the other guy is Toad. They fight again and then Toad is put in the Iron Maiden and it looks painful. They don't get a confession out of him and they put this hot metal on his back and he gets a big burn mark.Beard guy might also be Centipede then he and Snake go and kill the witness by putting some curved metal rod down this throat. Toad I think is water boarded and then dies in his cell and some guards try to make it look like he hanged himself. Then Snake and Centipede kill the head of the guard as well. Then they wonder where Lizard is too, and Scorpion is also on their side as well.Lizard guy is found out to be one of the guards who tired to help Toad. Also apprentice guy tells Lizard about this master when fighting him. Apprentice and Lizard then do some training somewhere. Then there's a big fight where Lizard and Apprentice fight Snake Centipede. Also Snake finds out Lizard guy's friend is Scorpion. Snake and Scorpion get killed then Apprentice and Lizard finish off Centipede. Then they find some map where some treasure is and then the movie ends.

Jim T (fr) wrote: On one end of the scale is Star Wars and on the opposite ens is Laserblast.

Caesar B (au) wrote: Scorsese delivers a stylish period piece, the actors are good, but the script has serious flaws. A good picture overall.

JY S (it) wrote: Another good kung-fu click from Cheh Chang. While it is not as good as some of his later movies, like Chinese Super Ninjas, this film has its moments.When it comes down to it the concept for the movie is nothing new. Good guys take a beating from the bad guys before getting special training to get revenge.The beginning of this film is actually the weakest point. The story feels like it is going nowhere slowly and the good guys seem a little villainous. The fights for the first quarter of the film are also completely one-sided, which makes them rather quick. Once you reach the middle of the film you get the training segments. While these segments are nothing new in these films, they aren't as entertaining as seen elsewhere. In case you are wondering, there are some parts in here that you will see redone in Kill Bill.There isn't as many fights as Chinese Super Ninjas, but this film has its share. The choreography is good, but not great and they are not as long as fights in other movies either. The last fight is probably the best and Gordon Liu also has a nice fight. It's just too bad that he is only a side character. One of the downsides to the fights in this movie is the sound effects. They are cheesy, but they aren't cheesy enough. That may not sound right, but we all know that those sound effects really make these movies entertaining.What this movie does do well is use different styles of martial arts, which makes this bland title actually fit. If you like the eagle's claw or the tiger style you may want to see this.Other than the good acting by Sheng Fu or the unique training segments, this movie doesn't stand out from the others all that much. It should be a good watch for classic kung-fu fans though.

Robert I (fr) wrote: Arguably the best TV show to movie ever (outside Star Trek, of course).

Matt M (mx) wrote: It was pretty good. Don't feel the need to ever see this one again, but not a waste of time at all.

David S (br) wrote: Although it is action packed with gunfight, good fight and parkour scenes, this movie suffers from poor acting. Other than what Iisted above, there isn't much else I enjoyed about it.

Edward B (ru) wrote: first saw movie and fell in love than I read the books and realized they butchered it all up. stands alone as a good movie as long as you haven't read the books.

Ryan C (it) wrote: Gritty, raw, and morally upsetting - but brilliant. Not a movie I would ever watch again, but I am glad I did. The subject matter and the way Andrew Loo went about shooting this based-on-true-events film was a bit too much for me. It was great to see Western-Chinese actors as well in strong emotionally demanding roles. What was really interesting was the casting of Harry Shum Jr. (Glee) as one of the crime lords, would never expect a dancing, a capella boy to pull of this role.