Action Man

Action Man

An American (Robert Stack) talks a retired French crook (Jean Gabin) into robbing a bank, but kidnappers demand the loot as ransom.

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Ondrej (mx) wrote: Two stories, two leaders. Forgiveness & unity are main themes yet M. Freeman elevates the movie further.

Lapman H (ru) wrote: some interesting bits, however some areas which was unresolved and unanswered for me... interesting nonetheless...

Jeff D (de) wrote: Classic movie trailer.

Rachel H (fr) wrote: My absolute favourite out of all Elvis' films. I mean,'s the closest thing he ever did to a mystery or horror film.

Eric M (it) wrote: Todd Bowden: I think you should fuck yourself.Kurt Dussander: Oh, my dear boy. Don't you see? We are fucking each other.

Jed D (gb) wrote: "Carjacked, will get your motor running but it will run out of gas, rather quickly." Not a bad way to kill 1.5 hours.

c p (gb) wrote: A classic movie that will never get old.

John B (fr) wrote: Having a daughter soon made me feel the connection with this film. I thought it gave a pretty good view of what to expect when pregnant.

Doron B (au) wrote: completely unrealistic, streisands worst role and performance of all time