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Samuel N (br) wrote: Great thrill ride might buy some day love the purge movies

Mary Beth W (jp) wrote: Provides a broad context for the health care crisis and some of the solutions being pursued. Most optimisitic is the work on prevention that the military is trialing. Still, likely to be most understood by those in the field. Challenge remains to communicate healthcare complexity to the general public.

David W (jp) wrote: Probably not better than the first, but still charming

Theresa L (de) wrote: I thought this movie was very quirky but that's all a part of it's charm. This movie makes me laugh every time, Guaranteed! (:-)

Hosneara B (mx) wrote: I donno why people rated it so badlly......I actually love this of my all time favorite

Jason B (mx) wrote: one of my favorites.

John B (gb) wrote: This attempt at a female collective effort doesn't work as well as other films in the genre but some of the performances really stand particular the ever wonderful Glenn Close.

Adam R (br) wrote: (First viewing - 11/10/2008)

Nitesh Kumar R (de) wrote: Oh those benumbing seven hours!

Richard D (gb) wrote: An amusing and twisty heist comedy boosted by three strong lead performances.

Olli H (us) wrote: Mostly it's Simon Pegg's one-man show and often quite funny. It would have worked much better as a stage play, though.

James E (kr) wrote: Happy feet two is still entertaining and cute, but without the original happy feeling that you felt in the first one.

Michalina C (it) wrote: Though I liked the trailer, because it was somewhat mysterious, the movie didn't pull in as much as I wish it would. Plot a little bit too confusing, ending didn't explain everything and was rushed. Overall: partly good, but in summary it looks a bit sloppy. Good try though.

Karen G (kr) wrote: Kate Winslet and Judy Davis are amazing. The colorful couture against the dreary backdrop and crossdressing Sargeant make this just plain fun!!