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Peter H (ag) wrote: very good twist at the end

Michael T (es) wrote: Cult film starts off brightly then digresses into the usual low-budget sci-fi junk.

Adrian B (ru) wrote: Wonderful movie in which an army deserter Frafuso (Giancarlo Giannini) gets lost with another army deserter (Piero de Orio) and tells how became to such a state. Frafuso was disgusted with his sister (Elena Fiore) who becomes a stripper and states to her that she had essentially dishonoured his family. However, she upgrades in terms if dishonouring the family when she becomes a prostitute for her man (Mario Conti). Frafuso loathes this ideas and murders her man in the process, leading him to prosecution for murder and imprisonment, under a grossly, unpleasant looking drill sergeant (Shirley Stoller). This eventually puts him into the army and brings him to his state of desertion with the other man. It's a very compelling movie, in the way that it is told (going between present times and past times) and the thorough character study on Frafuso. It is pretty oppressive to women though and at times pretty ugly, but also, at times, surprisingly funny. Actor Fernando Rey does not a have substantial part, because the only I recall seeing him was near the end of the movie as a "nut" and as usual, he is good. Another fine film from Italy!

Juan C (jp) wrote: Is a shame that Shoeshine is one of the least accessible De Sica films. In the same line as Los Olvidados and 400 Blows, Shoeshine portrays realistically the inevitable precocious turn to adulthood of young kids due to the lack of simple affection which consecutively, for some, ends in tragedy.

Dale B (us) wrote: While I agree with the other reviewers who say this film has a clunky, cobbled together feel to it, I nevertheless found it entertaining in that cheesy way some films have of not quite totally succumbing to outright boredom or stupidity, even though there's very little in the way of plot to keep things totally on track. The fight scenes have a homemade look to them that would be laughable in, say, a western, but somehow manage, in this woebegone fantasy, to suggest that even the usually well-trained mercenaries have fallen on hard times under the regime of evil that has befallen the land. And, in comparison to bloated, drawn-out movies like adaptations of Harry Potter novels, this film fairly flies along in its breezy, unassuming approach to its ultimate battle between virtue and corruption. Given how few characters of any substance there ARE in this film, it's a bit like THE WIZARD OF OZ, without a yellow brick road or an emerald city per se, but with all the hallmarks of a coming-of-age, "journey" movie. In this case, the "Keeper" (or chosen one--think Luke Skywalker) must meet up with a veteran swordsman (think Obi Wan Kenobi and/or Yoda) who will teasingly release tidbits of information to keep the young man off balance as he learns more about himself and the challenges that will face him. While this sort of thing HAS been done much better, it's also been done much worse! That's why I'm giving it slightly more than a 50% rating.

Larissa P (ca) wrote: Even Lynch fans will have difficulty watching this movie, it's so full of symbolisms and fragmented meanings, hard to sit through for almost 3 hours straight without some kind of anxiety, yet, I found it extremely compelling, and I love Laura Dern, so there you have it.

Faley A (jp) wrote: B-graded storylined movie with a star casting .

Vincent S (es) wrote: I was sadly disappointed in this religious satire starring one of my favorite actors, Sam Rockwell. I felt especially bad for great talents Amy Ryan and Jemaine Clement. The laughs are just not there enough for such great talent. The makers of 'Napoleon Dynamite' might have reached their peak with that first movie.