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Ln P (nl) wrote: Chiant, strotypes et cie.

Jil B (mx) wrote: Il est beauuuuuu!!!!

Shaun T (gb) wrote: Clive Owen's breakout flick, this late '90s tale of deception and betrayal in a (gasp!) casino setting is great fun. Riveting.

Nate L (es) wrote: The science behind this movie is completely inaccurate. There's no heart to any acting, and the CGI is poopy.

Adrienne D (gb) wrote: Finnish film by Aki Kaurismki, and the first in a loose trilogy with THE MAN WITHOUT A PAST and LIGHTS IN THE DUSK. Filmed in a strangely timeless manner and funny in a very underplayed way, this is about a couple trying to make the best of a bad job when they both lose theirs. Glum.

Collin R (nl) wrote: maybe its the terrible acting and that its more funny then anything. (aside from the rape scenes of course) but i had zero emotion invested in this movie was just so plain

Richard S (mx) wrote: Say what you want, the movie features a very young, pert, and HOT Jayne Seymour. She and Harryhausen make it worth checking out.

Eric J (nl) wrote: Quite good and more than a little bit Bond-like. The European theater's answer to "Tora! Tora! Tora!"

J K (es) wrote: Worth watching just to see how much Custer truly screwed up.

Eric S (gb) wrote: I just watched "Home of the Brave" and was initially kind of blah about it but the more I think about it the more I liked it. I liked that it showed what happens when people come home from war. It's hard to readjust to being back home, and I didn't even go through anything like those guys went through. I really identified with the part where Jessica Biel and that guy (don't remember his name) were at the movie theater and they were saying how they feel like people at home don't care about what's going on over there. I had a hard time with that when I first got back but I still feel like that. I think it was exacerbated for me because I was in Afghanistan and it seems like people at home don't even know we're in Afghanistan. Although some parts were cheesy, it's a good movie.

Stuart K (de) wrote: David Lean's second film as director, his first one solo after co-directing In Which We Serve (1942) with Nol Coward, who produced this film, based upon his own play. It's a very good character drama with some fine acting and this was a sign of things to come from director Lean, who went from small dramas to big epics. Set over a 20 year period in one house in Clapham, South London, it begins in 1919 when the Gibbons family move in, they include father Frank (Robert Newton), his wife Ethel (Celia Johnson), and their children Reg (John Blythe), Vi (Eileen Erskine) and Queenie (Kay Walsh) along with Frank's widowed sister Sylvia (Alison Leggatt) and Ethel's mother (Amy Veness). From 1919 onwards, they see many big changes in British culture, from the General Strike of 1926 to the rise of Facism across Europe, but how Britain stayed out of it. But the family stay very close, and Frank's neighbour Bob Mitchell (Stanley Holloway ) happens to be an acquaintance from his time in the trenches. Bob's son Billy (John Mills) falls in love with Queenie, but she turns him down for another man, only to return years later and marry Billy. Sylvia even takes up a spot of spiritualism. It's an engaging soap opera, and Coward has a good ear for dialogue, but some of it does come across as being a little over the top, (some sequences wouldn't look out of place in a Carry On film), but it has a good cast and it put Lean on the map as a good British director, and it is well worth a watch.

Toni S (es) wrote: Rather good b-movie with a few good laughs.