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Steven W (ag) wrote: Awkward acting and puzzling promiscuity.

Annelies V (nl) wrote: I liked the separate story lines, but wasn't quite sure what exactly the point of the movie was - there was no resolution. But the stories and characters were realistic and portrayed the harsh life in the lower social circles of a big city, which was interesting.

Amanda (jp) wrote: this series was awesome

Jaye G (ag) wrote: "They love me....the men love me, the women love me...... ME, MAHOGANY!" To hear Diana Ross utter this line is worth the price of admission alone. Finally on dvd this 1975 Ross vehicle is considered a camp classic by some. I wouldn't go that far. It's no Mommie Dearest. In actuality it's a time capsule showcasing Diana Ross at her 70's ghetto fabulous diva height. The story is secondary to watching Miss Ross parade around in a variety of self designed fashions no one had the nerve to tell her weren't very good. The lesson you're meant to learn "Success is nothing without someone to share it with", rings hollow time and again as the lead character finds success first as an international fashion model then later as a fashion designer. Clearly success is nothing without a portable full length mirror and hair and makeup on call. The movie is more than the sum of it's parts though. Between Billy Dee Williams as the idealistic boyfriend left behind for fame and fortune, Anthony Perkins as the ambiguously gay photographer who discovers our diamond in the rough and Miss Ross warbling one of her signature hits, the insanely hummable theme Do You Know Where You're Going To, this movie is like comfort food for my soul. Sometimes I just want to emulate a character and stand up in a crowd and yell "20,000,000 lire!!! LOL You'd have to watch it to understand. Highly recommended.

SailorMoon797 F (fr) wrote: it's a erotic thriller of all time.

Rini N (jp) wrote: Second time I saw Kate Beckinsale performance as a depressed woman, she really nailed it