Adam, a lonely man with Asperger's Syndrome, develops a relationship with his upstairs neighbor, Beth.

Adam, a lonely man with Asperger's Syndrome, develops a relationship with his upstairs neighbor, Beth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Denis S (es) wrote: I will always love Aubrey Plaza but Addicted to Fresno is never really funny. It tries to be and it feels like that - just a try and fail. You can tell that the two leads Greer and Lyonne had fun during filming - problem is, you will not! Addicted to Fresno could've been a nice little 30 Min short but the actual idea of the film is put to the test and stretched over the feature film length which is way too long.

Rit P (gb) wrote: I wish this movie came out back in 2007, oh n Alia Bhatt is so hot

Zechariah H (ca) wrote: Incredibly energetic, visually stimulating, violent, personal, and inspirational. It's one of my favorite movies of all time.

Houston C (es) wrote: One of the most underrated blockbusters out there. I honestly cannot begin to comprehend why this is viewed so poorly.

Ville H (au) wrote: Ihan hyv draama. Paljon hyvi nyttelijit, mutta silti aika ajoin vitutti - nimittin varmasti yks vaikeimpia asioita on nytell soittamaan jotain instrumenttia mit ei oikeasti osaa. Ainakaan tss ei ihan tydellisesti onnistuttu, tosin kvartetin olohuonetreenit kuulosti kuin olis soitettu studiossa, akustiikka on jnn asia. Jaah olikohan tm sittenkn niin hyv elokuva, kun tmmsiin pikkuasioihin piti keskitty. No nipsastaan puolikas thti pois, eli 2,5 tlle.

Steven B (fr) wrote: It's not as polished as most films today. However, if you love exploring the mind, then you'll enjoy this. The intelligent story and acting carry this piece, while the directing, in particularly cinematography and editing weigh it down. I was surprised to find some of it deemed passable in what has become today's increasingly well-produced media (regardless of budget). (The musical pieces chosen were far too familiar to be taken seriously, I think). I think you'll enjoy this more if you can create parallels with your own life.

Emily T (kr) wrote: Had to watch the movie in chunks because I couldn't take it in all in one sitting. I'm sure there were funny parts...I can't remember any now though.

Andrew L (mx) wrote: I must say this film has some of the coolest stunts of extreme winter sports, funky loud soundtrack, beautiful cinematography and fast pace editing. However the film was only saved with these things as the story lacks motive as it took too long to tell the auidence what this film is all about. Characters are dumb and plain stupid with some embarrassing dialogue. If you are someone who is just focused on stunts, nature and sport then this is something great, however if you are looking for story forget it.

Clint W (it) wrote: Despite good performances from Cage and Travolta, this is the most ridiculous "blockbuster" of all time. Switching faces and physiques to exactly resemble each other, with a post-surgery healing/recovery time of 30 minutes? Beyond silly! Even if it's free, don't waste your time with this pile.

TaRaysha S (us) wrote: This is one of my all time favorite movies.

Gordon R (ag) wrote: B-movie Sci-Fi... It gets 2 stars 'cause Jesse "The Body" Ventura is in it... That and it has a solid premise...

Lloyd B (ag) wrote: Watch if ya get chance, True History, Nazi Scum.... Harsh Reality of the past.!

Ray J (us) wrote: A great sequal to the original and makes for great nostalgia.

Michael W (nl) wrote: WOW... Amazing! Very revealing. Made me think of two things... the directing style of Ron Frick from Baraka (without music) and Soylent Green. Do NOT watch this movie if you: 1- Have a weak stomache 2- Have ADD/ADHD 3- Infatuated with loving animals

Stefan P (it) wrote: Decent short-film and prequel to the amazing full-length feature "Seul contre tous". It lacks many of the qualities present in the sequel, but this is still entertaining.

Scott W (kr) wrote: Pretty disgraceful Anti-communist and Christian propaganda, thinly disguised as a dry sci-fi drama. The second half descends into a religious reawakening and the collapse of communism, following preaching from God, who lives on Mars. The cast includes Peter Graves, Morris Ankrum, Walter Sande and Tom Keene.

Cameron J (au) wrote: Of all the early talkies I've seen, this is probably the best one (so far). The performances by Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert are superb, and possibly the first truly deserving Oscar wins, even by today's standards. The story, directed effectively by the legendary Frank Capra, is an entertaining one - she's a wealthy socialite who runs away from her father to marry a slimy rich dude, and he's a charismatic reporter who keeps her under his protection so she won't get caught by the media circus searching for her. There are tons of funny and obviously influential moments, from the train scene where Colbert sits next to an obnoxious guy and Gable pretends to be her husband so the guy will go away, to the hitchhiking scene where she flashes her leg so a car will pick them up. The story, while admittedly a bit bloated at times, is full of witty dialogue and powerful symbolism, with the "Walls of Jericho" metaphor being the most obvious and potent one. It was the first film (and the only for about 40 years) to win all 5 top Oscars (picture, director, actress, actor, adapted screenplay), and for its time there was hardly a more deserving film.

Matthew S (nl) wrote: So very bad. And yet, at times, so incredibly creative. And, well, beautifully filmed. Not at all scary or even creepy. More comical than anything else as Richard Burton stares off into space muttering the word "EEEvil" and Linda Blair doing her best to showcase her breasts. And, along the way lots of late 70's New Age ideology. Campy, but not that much fun.

Bella R (br) wrote: One of my favourites, a must see comedy with good sentimental parts. If you haven't watched you are definitely missing out! Fantastic roles and great plot

James H (br) wrote: Solid "B" crime thriller with good performances and a great atmosphere. The lead character is so cold and despicable - it really gets you involved in the film. Good score.